WoW Factor Queue

The WoW Factor transmogrification project is no longer running, and as such there will be no future events. However, we have decided to maintain our Queue page as a record of all our events, as well as a record of the prizes we’ve given out. The list of past events has links to full articles for each individual WoW Factor show.

You can find more details of the project on our: WoW Factor page.


These are the prizes awarded across all WoW Factor events:

  • 5,176,000 Gold
  • 5 Blizzard Store Mounts
  • 3 Vial of the Sands
  • 3 Motorbikes (2 Mekgineer’s Chopper &
    1 Mechano-Hog)
  • 24 Blizzard Store/Rare Pets
  • Dozens of epic weapons, armor and other
    transmog-related items

Past WoW Factor Events (Article Links)

#1 & #2 – 02 Mar ’12 – Tichondrius US Alliance/Horde
#3 – 16 Mar ’12 – Arthas US Alliance
#4 – 23 Mar ’12 – Lightbringer US Alliance
#5 – 14 Apr ’12 – Scarlet Crusade US Horde
#6 – 20 Apr ’12 – Earthen Ring US Alliance
#7 – 28 Apr ’12 – Proudmoore US Alliance
#8 – 29 Apr ’12 – Dath’Remar US Horde
#9 – 05 May ’12 – Stormreaver US Alliance
#10 – 05 May ’12 – Stormreaver US Horde
#11 – 11 May ’12 – Scarlet Crusade US Alliance
#12 – 19 May ’12 – Shadowmoon US Alliance
#13 – 26 May ’12 – Emerald Dream US Alliance
#14 – 08 Jun ’12 – Chamber of Aspects EU Alliance
#15 – 16 Jun ’12 – Proudmoore US Alliance(Proudmoore Pride)
#16 – 23 Jun ’12 – Arygos US Alliance
#17 – 08 Jul ’12 – Argent Dawn EU Alliance
#18 – 14 Jul ’12 – Lothar US Alliance
#19 – 21 Jul ’12 – Kargath EU Alliance (German)
#20 – 28 Jul ’12 – Cho’gall US Horde
#21 – 11 Aug ’12 – Fizzcrank US Alliance
#22 – 18 Aug ’12 – Tichondrius US Alliance II
#23 – 25 Aug ’12 – Wyrmrest Accord US Horde
#24 – 08 Sep ’12 – Deathwing US Horde

50 Responses to “WoW Factor Queue”

  1. Deavera says:

    Perhaps a visit back to Earthenring (US)-Alliance soon :)?

  2. Mobilee says:

    Drak’Thul EU? ;)

  3. Catadon says:

    antonidas-horde side!!! i will be ze king of mogg :D

  4. JD Kenada says:

    Let me see what I can do about building up a surplus of gold and goods to sponsor one for you. Perhaps close to the holidays?


    • Noelani says:

      Hi JD,

      That would be great! If you’d like to drop me an email at noelani@ we can discuss scheduling for an event, and I can answer any questions you might have about sponsorship.

      Thanks for your interest.

  5. Dreedo says:


    Would be awesome if you could show up on kazzak EU, Horde side.

    Think a lot of people would participate! :)

    • Ironyca says:

      It’s always the sponsorships that dictate where we go, as such, a Kazzak Horde sponsor would have to contact us beforehand.

  6. Kohari says:

    Would be nice if WoW Factor came to Arathor-US Alliance. Heh. :)

  7. […] excuse me while I go jumping around.  The WOW Factor Competition is coming to WRA on the 25th – even better yet, it’ll be Horde-side!  I […]

  8. Defendent says:

    Any chance that you guys will pay a visit back to Dath’remar(US) Horde side in the near future??

  9. snow dog says:

    Last night someone on Winterhoof alliance side was announcing a transmog contest for September 6. They didn’t mention WoW Factor, but they were offering the same sort of big prizes… is this you guys?

    • Ironyca says:

      It’s not us, we will always post it here, on our queue page, and on your realm forum, when we have an official event.
      Nonetheless, we hope you will have a great time September 6th!

  10. Exalius says:

    We here at Moon Guard US would love you to hold a contest over here! We’re the US server’s largest realm, which means lots of awesome RP transmog sets!

  11. Velithara says:

    Come to Illidan-US! :D please?

  12. Sharkfinz says:

    We NEED you on Outland-EU [A].

  13. Deus Dominus says:

    We would love to see you on Silvermoon(EU)- Alliance ^^

  14. Mightyjoat says:

    Horde Zul’jin! Horde Zul’jin!

  15. Kaliani says:

    US – Horde – Zul’jin!

  16. Xly says:

    Come to darkspear alliance!

  17. Kassutera says:

    Yay Fizzcrank! Quite a bit of people are talking about it already over there. I cannot wait to show you hopefully something you guys have not seen before :D

  18. Noelani says:

    To those of you placing requests for WoW Factor events on your home realms, perhaps you can take some inspiration from this thread, in search of a sponsor: Cho’gall US Forums.

  19. Yura says:

    Executus- US Horde please!

  20. Catadon says:

    Antonidas-horde. PLEASE!!!

  21. Bella says:

    Aggramar Horde!!! I know we have a lot of really established guilds, and players, someone is bound to sponsor!

    I would but I do not have enough money by any means lol. I’m making a level 1 toon on Lothar just to watch the even this Saturday! Can’t wait!!!

  22. Caer says:

    I would love to see you guys on Bloodhoof (A)-US.

  23. Mugffey says:

    Id love you guyes to come to Kazzak(EU) – Horde!

  24. Sybreeds says:

    Horde zul’jin
    Horde Mal’ganis

  25. Explycit says:

    wtb on frostmourne alliance

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