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WoW Factor US-Deathwing Horde Follow-up

The WoW Factor ends its first season of events with a grand finale on Deathwing US Horde.

After twenty-four events spanning more than six months, the WoW Factor is now going into hibernation in preparation for Mists of Pandaria, but our finale on Deathwing was certainly a great way to end our first season of transmogrification events. Attendance was booming, with numerous visitors from other realms joining the Deathwing population to turn Sunfury Spire into a hive of activity long before the event itself began.

The regular WoW Factor hosts were once more joined by Caylena as the guest judge for the week. It was her sixth outing as a guest judge, but this event seemed more relevant than ever, as Caylena is a Deathwing local player herself, and had been eager to see a WoW Factor event on the realm since we first began.

You can follow along with the commentary from Caylena and the other judges on Elvine’s TwitchTV stream, and there are plenty of pictures of participants on Facebook.

Livestream Link

Facebook Screenshot Gallery Link

Event Announcement Post

A season finale obviously needs to end with a bang, something which our sponsors undeniably delivered. The prize package, consisting of 100,000 gold, three Blizzard store mounts and one store pet, was donated by the hosts of the Thoranar TwitchTV livestream channel, Thoranar and Brilynn. Their generous sponsorship represents the largest prize fund to date, in real-currency terms, an excellent note on which to finish the first season of events.
You can follow along with Thor and Bri in their own prepration for the new expansion, by clicking the banner link below.

We’ve seen a lot over the past twenty-four WoW Factor events, dozens of realms, thousands of outfits and innumerable attempts at trolling, but Patch 5.0.4 brought us one little extra surprise for our final Cataclysm show. The addition of cross-realm zones was at first a source of confusion when scheduling the Deathwing event. We discovered that Silvermoon City on Deathwing was attached to a Pacific server and adopted that timezone for the in-game clock, whereas Deathwing realm as a whole runs on Mountain time – potentially a scheduling disaster! We did our best to forewarn of the misleading times and thankfully the eventual turnout was big, even bigger than expected infact.

As potentially puzzling as the timezone changes could be, the cross-realm zones did have a positive impact on the event, by allowing players from other realms to attend the event ‘live’. Previously, those from other realms have had to either watch the livestream or create level one characters in order to view a show, but now they can visit on their main characters. We would not actually be able to trade prizes to extra-realm visitors, which would go against the idea of providing a community event for Deathwing anyway, but it was great to see spectators from elsewhere. Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll be able to stage a true cross-realm transmog contest.

Competition Outline

The event was divided into two rounds, the first being the so-called ‘Random Round’, where we awarded multiple prizes of various sizes. For the second round, nine characters were shortlisted to receive the top prizes. Of these nine, three were selected as runners-up and three as overall winners, receiving the top prizes of the night.

As a bonus, during the break between rounds 1 and 2, one of the sponsors awarded a prize to their favourite outfit on Deathwing, seperate from the WoW Factor team.

Top 3 & Runner-Up Gallery


Top 3 & Runners-Up

Round 2: The top three outfits of the night were awarded a Blizzard store mount of their choice. Three runners-up were awarded a consolation prize of 2000 gold each (6k total):

Top 3
Altiuin (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Fróstbitez (Plus 3000 from Round 1)
Toughlove (Plus 4000 from Round 1)

Bwg (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Curse (Plus 4000 from Round 1)

Bonus Round – “Bri’s Choice Award”

In between Rounds 1 and 2, co-sponsor Brilynn awarded a Blizzard store pet to her favourite outfit of the night:

Svarya (Plus 3500 from Round 1)

Random Round

Round 1: Selected outfits were awarded between 1000 and 4000 gold until we had expended our total prize fund for this stage of the competition (94k total). Names are listed under prize totals below:

4,000 gold

3,000 gold
Clemmentyne / Crazybenny / Pandaeye / Syphira / Valandra / Voodooshock / Zolari

2,500 gold
Cozmic / Darkmiroku / Frostinips / Germadin / Gygan / Littlebear / Mattyr / Menohealyou
Safteypin / Sentra

2,000 gold
Abyron / Ànisa / ßeasty / Bitterleaf / Christaline / Flimflam / Pharmakeiá / Salvick / Sicorant

1,500 gold

Final Words

That brings us to the end of the first season of the WoW Factor! Thanks to all of the participants, sponsors, guest judges and assistants for helping the project to continue providing weekly events for such a long time. A further thanks goes to Keelhaul who, whilst having stepped down four months ago, was the conceiver of the WoW Factor project, and the driving force behind the first ten events.

Be sure to keep an eye out for details of our return, but in the meantime… enjoy Mists of Pandaria!

WoW Factor Event – US-Deathwing

Get ready for the WoW Factor season finale – this coming weekend!

Destination: US-Deathwing
Faction: Horde
Date: Saturday 08 September 2012
Time: 3-6pm MDT (realm time) *
Location: Silvermoon City Sunfury Spire (Lor’themar’s Room)
Prizes: 100,000 gold in total + 3 Blizzard Store mounts + 1 Blizzard Store pet
Prize Categories (Estimate):
  • Round 1: Judges will award between 1,000 and 4,000 gold to outstanding outfits (94k total)
  • Round 2: The Top 6 – Three characters will be awarded a Blizzard store mount each as overall
    winners, three will be awarded 2k gold each as runners-up (6k total)

  • Bonus Prize “Bri’s Choice Award”: Brilynn, one of the sponsors, will award a store pet to an outfit
    of her choice

Prize Sponsor(s): Thoranar/Brilynn (Details below)
Judges (In-game names if different): Ironyca, Noelani, Elvine, Caylena
Livestream: Elvinemod @ TwitchTV (Link)
Further Details: WoW Forums (Link)

With Mists of Pandaria just over the horizon, the time has come to wrap up the first season of the WoW Factor travelling transmog event. This coming Saturday, we’ll be visiting Deathwing US Horde for our 24th event, our season finale.

Over the course of the past twenty three events, spanning more than six months, we’ve seen thousands of impressive transmogrification outfits across the North American and European realms. We’ve handed out a huge number of prizes along the way, some of which came out of the judges’ own pockets, but the success of the WoW Factor wouldn’t have been possible without the support and prize sponsorship we’ve received from many other generous transmog fans. To this date, the WoW Factor prizes have totalled up to more than 5,000,000 gold, along with 11 mounts, and dozens of pets and other items – all awarded to those with the fanciest outfits.

The finale prize package is being donated by the hosts of the Thoranar TwitchTV Channel, Thoranar and Brilynn. Not only are they sponsoring 100,000 gold in-game, but also three Blizzard Store mounts and one Store pet, an extremely generous contribution and excellent note on which to finish the first season of events.

Our guest judge for the event is none other than Caylena, a long-term friend and assistant to the WoW Factor, and Deathwing player who has been itching to get an event on her home realm since we first started!

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what Deathwing has to offer, so a big thanks is in order to Thor and Bri for making it possible.

We hope you’ll be able to join us there, but if not, keep an eye out for more transmogrification events once the MoP levelling dust has settled.

If you’ve not yet seen a WoW Factor show and would like to know what to expect, you can read more about the project on our WoW Factor page.

* Note: Cross-realm zones can change the gametime to another timezone for US players. The Deathwing venue, Silvermoon City, is one such cross-realm zone. Keep that in mind if you’re planning on attending the event!

WoW Factor Event – US-Tichondrius II

The WoW Factor will be returning to its roots this weekend, revisiting the home of the very first event.

Destination: US-Tichondrius
Faction: Alliance
Date: Saturday 18 August 2012
Time: 7-10pm EST (4pm start realm time)
Location: Stormwind Cathedral
Prizes: 150,000 gold in total
Prize Categories (Estimate):
  • Round 1: Judges will award between 1,000 and 5,000 gold to outstanding outfits (100k total)
  • Round 2: The Top 5 – Five characters will be awarded 10,000 gold each (50k total)
Prize Sponsor(s): Celerity, Coachamerica, Bating and Best Player US guild (see below for elaboration)
Judges (In-game names if different): Ironyca, Noelani, Elvine, Draynee
Livestream: Elvinemod @ TwitchTV (Link)
Further Details: WoW Forums (Link)

Almost six months ago, WoW Roleplay Gear teamed up with Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth to arrange a transmogrification competition with gold prizes, an event which we called Faction Five, as five players from each faction would win a top prize. The destination was Tichondrius US. Half a year and twenty-one events later, the WoW Factor will be returning to Tichondrius Alliance to see what more the realm has got to show off. The event structure has changed quite a bit since the first show, but the huge prize fund is still guaranteed!

Whilst the original event was sponsored out of Keelhaul’s pocket, this time around a few local players have banded together to provide the prize package. The starting-fund was sponsored by Celerity, a moderator on Elvine’s livestream, and Coachamerica, the guild master of We Run The Auction House. The two of them pledged 50,000 gold each, and were matched soon after by Bating and his guild, Best Player US, with another 50k. That brings the grand total for the event to 150,000 gold!

This week’s guest judge is Draynee, creator of transmog-blog Pretty Fly for a Draenei. Draynee is no stranger to return events herself, having been a top winner in two previous WoW Factor events on Proudmoore US.

Thanks to the sponsors and to Draynee, we look forward to teaming up with you all!

If you’ve not yet seen a WoW Factor show and would like to know what to expect, you can read more about the project on our WoW Factor page.

We hope to see you there!

WoW Factor US-Fizzcrank Alliance Follow-up

We’ve seen world records smashed at the Olympics these past few days, so it’s quite appropriate that the most recent WoW Factor show also reached new heights.

We arrived on Fizzcrank some five hours before the event was due to begin, unsure of exactly how large the prize fund would be for the night. We had firm confirmation for 170,000 gold and speculation of numbers as high as 300,000, but we couldn’t be entirely sure until we’d had contact with all of the many guilds and individuals who had offered donations via the Fizzcrank forums. It took a while for Elvine to gather up all of the prizes, as so many different parties were contributing, but Fizzcrank folk are good at keeping to their word – everybody who offered prizes delivered something. As it turned out, our initial prize estimates were way off the mark.

A final prize tally shortly before the event revealed that the combined efforts of Fizzcrank has yielded a total prize fund of 351,000 gold, a new WoW Factor record for a single-faction event! One might think that beating the previous prize-high by more than 50,000 was enough, but the Fizzcrank players also added two mounts and seven pets to the mix, truly an impressive prize package.

Accompanying us in the challenge of handing out this Fizzcrank fortune was Kamalia of Kamalia et alia, a blogger with a fine eye for fine gear, having been writing about armor in WoW long before transmogrification was announced. Kamalia wrote a post about her experiences of the event, the link for which you can find below, alongside the livestream recording of the judging process, and our Fizzcrank Facebook gallery:

Livestream Link Part I | Part II

Facebook Screenshot Gallery Link

Cranking up the fizz, follow-up edition by Kamalia

Event Announcement Post

It was Skylä who first brought our attention to Fizzcrank, as she and her guild offered a substantial prize fund to get a WoW Factor event going. After contacting us to schedule the event, Skylä posted on the Fizzcrank forums which really got the interest rolling in. By the end, there were twelve different sources combining to form the final prize total.

The sponsoring parties were as follows:
The Haunted – 100,000g + a Mekgineer’s Chopper
Skylä, GM of The Haunted – A Blizzard Store pet of the winner’s choice
Inappropriate – 50,000g
Veritas et Aequitas – 50,000g + a Guardian Cub
Nalbeer – 31,500g
Kuching – 30,000g
Blackfox Alliance – 25,000g + a Vial of the Sands + 4 pets
Censorship is Cancer – 20,000g
Exodus – 20,000g
Catalyst – 10,000g
Reign of Glory – 10,000g
Bonquesho – 4,500g + Spring Rabbit’s Foot
Total: 351,000g, 2 mounts, 7 pets

Thanks for Skylä for her efforts to bring us to Fizzcrank, and to all of the sponsors for putting together such a generous prize fund! Some of the sponsors can be seen lined up in the picture below.

Competition Outline

The Fizzcrank event was divided into three rounds, the first being the so-called ‘Random Round’, where we awarded multiple prizes of various sizes. In the second round, judges selected ten characters to receive a larger gold prize, and then selected two among those ten to win the grand prizes in the third round. A number of pets were also given out during the course of the event.

Read on below for a list of the winners and a screenshot gallery of the top 10 sets, and for more pictures, visit our Facebook Gallery!

Top 10 Gallery


Top 2 & Runners-Up

Round 3: The top two transmog outfits of the night were awarded a mount and three runners-up were awarded a pet each:

Top Prize – Vial of the Sands
Jezaebel (Plus 23000 from earlier rounds)

Second Place – Mekgineer’s Chopper
Jayko (Plus 23000 from earlier rounds)

Pixiefied (Received a Pandaren Monk plus 21000 from earlier rounds)
Cynsi (Received a Mechanopeep plus 22500 from earlier rounds)
Vigilanti (Received a Razzashi Hatchling plus 22000 from earlier rounds)

Top 10

Round 2: The following outfits, as well as the five characters above, were awarded 15,000 gold each (150k total):

Izyumi (Plus 8000 from Round 1 and a Guardian Cub)
Peàk (Plus 6500 from Round 1)
Shivara (Plus 6500 from Round 1)

Random Round

Round 1: Selected outfits were awarded between 4000 and 8000 gold until we had expended our total prize fund for this stage of the competition (201k total). Names are listed under prize totals below:

7,000 gold
Aesii / Angelglow / Aquless / Boudecca / Philiya

6,500 gold
Bonquesho / Chàel / Latrocinium / Mable

6,000 gold
Azshala / Chayl / Dely / Kassutera / Katâniya

5,500 gold
Hyperz / Lesanna / Praylee / Ralfferly

5,000 gold
Chalupä / Lusteria / Lyghtshade

4,500 gold

4,000 gold
Lucïd / Telo

Bonus Prizes

A few extra items were given out to those who narrowly missed out on receiving a full gold prize:

Cataleena (Received a Sinister Squashling)
Jüu (Received an Elwynn Lamb)
Plantman (Received a Spring Rabbit’s Foot and 3000 gold)

Final Words

Thanks to all of the participants for attending, turnout was fantastic and there were many magnificent mogs to see.

Keep an eye on the Event Schedule for a list of past and future events!