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WoWRoleplayGear Update

Hi everybody!

I’m very sorry that there hasn’t been much in the way of new content on WoWRoleplayGear lately, especially at such a significant time for the WoW community with the release of WoD. I’ve had quite a change in real life circumstances, including a new home and a new job, which means that I’ve had to focus my efforts away from Warcraft lately.

I’d also like to apologise for the downtime on the site in early November, a hosting issue that was sadly out of my hands, but which should now be fully resolved.

I aim to update the site to feature all new WoD sets at some point, and will have more MoP articles in the nearer future, but right now I still need a little more time to settle with my new location and employment. The website will remain online (fingers crossed for no more hosting problems), and comments will continue to be accepted and read.

Thanks to everybody who has been browsing the site over the years. I hope to be back in full swing with new content sooner rather than later! In the meantime, enjoy Warlords of Draenor!

Tier 16 Lookalike Sets

There are lookalike sets available from Siege of Orgrimmar which correspond to each of the thirty-three Tier 16 sets. They are precise visual copies of the tier sets, but without the class restrictions.

Twenty-five of the sets are complete, with matching items available for each armor slot. Eight sets (all mage, all priest and two druid) are missing a matching leg item, but are otherwise complete.

Sadly, some of the Raid Finder and Flexible copies can be particularly difficult or impossible for certain classes/specs to obtain, despite the lack of class restriction, due to the LFR/Flex loot systems. This problem doesn’t occur with Normal or Heroic loot, as that is handled by players and not the automated looting system.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit detailed articles for each of the sets.

Raid Finder Tier 16 Lookalike Sets (Item Level 528)

Flexible/Normal Tier 16 Lookalike Sets (Item Level 540/553)

Heroic Tier 16 Lookalike Sets (Item Level 566)

Tier 15 Lookalikes

Back in March we published an overview article for all of the Tier 15 Sets introduced with Patch 5.2 and the Throne of Thunder. In this post we highlight the lookalikes for all of those Tier sets, which are available as a combination of Throne of Thunder drops, vendor purchases and crafted items.

There are complete lookalikes for all of the sets, with the exception of the Druid Tiers, which lack a headpiece. There are also a few variations where, for example, a Tier robe model becomes a tunic in the lookalike, as is the case with Shaman sets. However, the majority of these sets are perfect visual copies of the Tiers.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit detailed articles for each of the sets.

Raid Finder Mode Lookalikes (Item Level 502)

Normal Mode Lookalikes (Item Levels 522-528)

Heroic Mode Lookalikes (Item Level 535-541)

Patch 5.2 Changes

Patch 5.2 promises plenty of new raiding experiences, items and factions to keep us busy, but it also introduces a few significant alterations to the core rules of transmogrification. Here’s a recap of all of the patch details relevant to items, and how mogging will be affected.

Transmogrification Rules

  Two-handed axes, maces, and swords can be transmogrified to each
  One-handed axes, maces, and swords can be transmogrified to each
  Staves and polearms can be transmogrified to each other.
  A significant number of weapons that were formally Main Hand only,
     have been changed to be one-handed.

Until now, only hunters were able to transmogrify across weapon types, with bows, guns and crossbows. The above changes mean that other classes now have substantially broader options for mixing across weapon-types too. Daggers, Fist Weapons and Wands remain unchanged, and can only be transmogrified to themselves. We’ve highlighted these weapon transmog groups in the image to the right.

The alteration of many main hand weapons to being one-handed also allows for much greater variety as, for example, rogues can now dual-wield many caster weapon looks, which they could not previously transmogrify. See the bottom for Wowhead’s gallery of weapon changes.


  Valor points are not being converted with this patch.
  Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points, up to the cap of
     4000 Honor.
  Any Honor Points above the 4000 cap will be converted to coin, at a
     rate of 35 silver per point.

New Items

  The Throne of Thunder raid instance is being released. Check out our Tier 15 Overview article
     to see the new sets.
  Season 12 ends and Season 13 will begin, with brand new armor sets: Season 13 Overview.
  Three new factions will be selling reputation based Valor Point items: Shado-Pan Assault, Kirin Tor
     Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught. The latter two are Alliance and Horde specific respectively.
  Lookalikes of the Blacksmith-crafted Burning Crusade weapons are being introduced. These weapons
     will be BoE, unlike their predecessors.
  Many BoE uncommon items are being introduced as lookalikes of the original Zul’Gurub and
     Zul’Aman armor sets, which were removed when the two instances were revamped in Cataclysm.

Item Changes

  Malevolent Gladiator’s items can be purchased for Honor Points.
  Malevolent Gladiator’s items purchased after the patch will have a reduced item level of 476.
     Those purchased before the patch will retain their 483 item level.
  Dreadful Gladiator’s items can be crafted by relevant professions (Blacksmithing, Leatherworking,
  Item level 489 Valor point items from Patch 5.0 have had their costs reduced by 50%.
  Item level 496 Valor point items from Operation: Shieldwall and the Dominance Offensive have had
     their costs reduced by 25%.

Further Patch Info

If you’d like to read more about Patch 5.2, we’ve covered a lot of the new items in other articles which you can find on our front page.

The above covers the majority of the information from 5.2 which is in some way related to transmogrification, but there are of course many more changes and additions on their way. If you’d like to read further, we recommend you check out the following resources:

  Wowhead’s Gallery of Main-Hand Weapons Changed to One-Hand
  Wowhead’s Guide to Patch 5.2 Troll Transmog Gear
  Blizzard’s Patch 5.2 Round-Up
  Official Patch Notes
  Wowhead’s News Feed