Heroic Cyclopean Dread Sets


Cyclopean Dread Sets
Death Knight Tier 16 (566)

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 90
Source: Purchases using BoP token drops from MoP raids
Availability: Death Knight only! Time consuming to gather and requires a full raid

How to get the set:

There are two visually identical item level 566 Death Knight Tier 15 sets, one for each death knight role:
TankingPlate of the Cyclopean Dread
DPSBattleplate of the Cyclopean Dread

The five items comprising each set are purchased using tokens which drop from the Heroic mode of the Siege of Orgrimmar raid instance.

There are matching boots, bracer and belt models for this outfit, listed in the ‘Extras’ section below. There are also Warforged versions of these items available, which are visually identical but six item levels higher.

The following list highlights the source of each item piece and beneath that is a list of the items themselves. The sources are the same for each of the two Cyclopean Dread sets.

Head – Purchased with Helm of the Cursed Vanquisher, a BoP drop from Thok the Bloodthirsty in heroic mode Siege of Orgrimmar
Shoulders – Purchased with Shoulders of the Cursed Vanquisher, a BoP drop from Siegecrafter Blackfuse in heroic mode Siege of Orgrimmar
Chest – Purchased with Chest of the Cursed Vanquisher, a BoP drop from Sha of Pride in heroic mode Siege of Orgrimmar
Hands – Purchased with Gauntlets of the Cursed Vanquisher, a BoP drop from General Nazgrim in heroic mode Siege of Orgrimmar
Legs – Purchased with Leggings of the Cursed Vanquisher, a BoP drop from Paragons of the Klaxxi in heroic mode Siege of Orgrimmar
Any Piece – The Essence of the Cursed Vanquisher from Garrosh Hellscream in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar may be exchanged for any one of the tier tokens listed above


HeadFaceguard of Cyclopean Dread
ShouldersShoulderguards of Cyclopean Dread
ChestChestguard of Cyclopean Dread
HandsHandguards of Cyclopean Dread
LegsLegguards of Cyclopean Dread


HeadHelmet of Cyclopean Dread
ShouldersPauldrons of Cyclopean Dread
ChestBreastplate of Cyclopean Dread
HandsGauntlets of Cyclopean Dread
LegsGreaves of Cyclopean Dread


WristsBracers of Blind Hatred (BoP drop from Norushen in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar)
WristsBracers of Sordid Sleep (BoP drop from Immerseus in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar)
WristsWall-Borer Bracers (BoP drop from Iron Juggernaut in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar)
WaistAshen Wall Girdle (BoP drop from Kor’kron Dark Shaman in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar)
WaistPoisonbinder Girth (BoP drop from The Fallen Protectors in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar)
FeetMalkorok’s Giant Stompers (BoP drop from Malkorok in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar)
FeetTreads of Unchained Hate (BoP drop from Immerseus in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar)

BackWoundlicker Cover (Vendor purchase for 1250 Justice Points)
Two-Handed SwordCorruption (BoP crafted by Blacksmiths with 290+ skill)

Recolours (Death Knight-only):

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5 Responses to “Heroic Cyclopean Dread Sets”

  1. Gromemil says:

    The weapon you have with this set is not BOE, it’s BOP and becomes soulbound as soon as the BS crafts it.

  2. Let’s agree to disagree, but I’ll make one more point in my argument, the offset helmet that is a copy of the Cyclopean dread helmet but not a part of the 5 piece tier set is called “Rage Blind Great helm” and if anyone is to expected to see through the sight less helmet then they are gifted for sure. I believe that Yshaarj channels the wearers sight. I have the set on my DK and there isn’t a better match for Two handed weapon IMO and I’ve had many agree.
    Seeing that i went to Garrosh and defeated him makes for a fitting reason why the set goes with the weapon.
    Go check out my toon on battle net and tell me they don’t look good together, i should mention that the shoulders and weapon are from LFR and the rest are Flex or Normal pieces of gear so the colors aren’t going to be a perfect match, they vary slightly from set to set.

  3. If you would like to see what it looks like, if i’m in my tank set you can check out my profile on battle.net
    Disembowler, Lethon.

  4. I’d like to point out that the ACTUAL waepon that goes along with this set is the drop from Garrosh, Xal’atoh Desecrated image of Gorehowl. If you notice the Cyclopean Dread Set has no way for the charecter to see, The Axe’s eyes are how you’re supposed to see anything.

    • Noelani says:

      I’m not sure I strictly agree with your assessment that Xal’atoh is specifically intended to go with this set. First of all, the colours and style on each of the three versions of Xal’atoh don’t specifically match any of the three variants of Death Knight Tier 16. Secondly, the name “Cyclopean” refers to a single eye in the center of the helmet, and could still imply that the wearer can see. I’ve not seen connection implied between the axe and set before, and would argue that the weapon is independant, being a lore relevant item connected to the Hellscreams, and channelling Y’shaarj.

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