Peerless Set


Peerless Set

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 56 for Peerless items, up to 85 with extras
Source: BoE world drops/BoP drops
Availability: Time consuming to gather the full set of BoEs
3D Model: Wowhead Link

How to get the set:

Peerless items are BoE world drops from Azerothian creatures in the late level 50s and early 60s, but are probably easiest to locate at your local Auction House.

Peerless Items:

HeadPeerless Headband
ChestPeerless Armor
WristsPeerless Bracers
HandsPeerless Gloves
WaistPeerless Belt
LegsPeerless Leggings
FeetPeerless Boots

Blood Elf Extras:

ShouldersSentinel Shoulders (BoE world drop)
BackGambler’s Wrap (Quest reward from Neptool’s Revenge in Blasted Lands)

Dual-Wield DaggersBlade of Serration (Vendor purchase for 546 Justice Points each)

Night Elf Extras (where different from above):

ShouldersFeathers of Akil’zon (BoP drop from Akil’zon in Zul’Aman)
BackProspector’s Cloak (BoE world drop)

PolearmNethergarde Spear (BoE world drop from Cataclysm zones/instances)

Goblin Extras (where different from above):

HeadMimiron’s Flight Goggles (BoP drop from Mimiron in Ulduar 10)
ShouldersConqueror’s Terrorblade Pauldrons (Rogue only! Purchased with a token drop from Yogg-Saron in Ulduar 25)
ChestBurnt Leather Vest (BoE world drop)
BackRoyal Cloak of the Sunstriders (BoP drop from Kael’thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep)

Dual-Wield One-Handed SwordsBlood Groove Blade (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)


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