Pathfinder/Wrangler’s Set


Pathfinder/Wrangler’s Set

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 29 without extras (80 for Tauren/85 for Night Elf extras)
Source: BoE world drops/BoP drops
Availability: Time consuming to gather fully
3D Model: Wowhead Link

How to get the set:

There are two fully transmogrifiable sets available using this particular colouration, the Pathfinder and Wrangler’s items, with only minor model differences between them.

The Pathfinder sets comprises of 8 pieces and the Wrangler’s of 7, as the latter lacks a headpiece. There is a third identical set named “Hunting”, but sadly only three of those pieces are transmogrifiable. All of these items are BoE world drops.

Slight model variations occur in the gloves and boots, with the Wrangler’s and Hunting hands appearing as shown in the image above, whereas the Pathfinder’s gloves have a folded cuff. The same applies to the footwear.

HeadPathfinder Hat
ShouldersWrangler’s Mantle
ChestWrangler’s Wraps
WristsWrangler’s Wristbands
HandsWrangler’s Gloves
WaistWrangler’s Belt
WaistWrangler’s Leggings
FeetWrangler’s Boots

The lists for the Pathfinder and Hunting items can be found on the Wowhead 3D model link at the top of this article.

Extras (Tauren):

StaffTwin’s Pact (Horde only! BoP drop from the Twin Val’kyr in Trial of the Crusader 25)

Extras (Night Elf):

HeadFeathered Headdress (BoE drop from Skhowl, a rare-spawn in Hillsbrad Foothills)
ShouldersWild Growth Spaulders (BoP drop from Majordomo Executus in Molten Core)
WaistHillman’s Belt (BoE crafted by Leatherworkers of 120+ skill)

Dual-Wield Fist WeaponsCrystalline Geoknife (BoE world drop from Cataclysm zones/instances)


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One Response to “Pathfinder/Wrangler’s Set”

  1. Pongo says:

    The “Cobrascale Hood”, a Burning Crusade leather worker crafted head piece is an exact match for this set. The Cobrascale Gloves are as well, but are less desireable being skin tight.

    I really like the Crystalline Geoknife fist weapon option you found to go w/ this set. Brilliant!

    “Grovekeeper’s Drape” dropped by Celebras the Cursed in Maraudon is also an exact matching patterned cloak to this set.

    There are many many weapon options to blend with this set, depending on your class and role. A few of my favorites would be Big Bronze Knife, Jang’thraze the Protector + Sang’thraze the Deflector, and Draenic Wildstaff as a staff option.

    Sadly there are few green tabards in game, most of which do not come close to matching. The Lower City Tabard is closer to a forest green. The Ogri’la Tabard comes close being a pastle green, but has prominent purple designs entailed. The Cenarion Expedition Tabard has the appropriate green in it’s symbol and border, however its background is more like a shade of sunburnt brown. The Tillers Tabard is an olive green tabard w/ a subtle wheat-blond wheat symbol.

    If you are Horde, there is a perfect matching tabard for this set; the Battle Tabard of the Defilers has perfect detailing and coloring for this set. However, it is difficult to obtain and Horde only.

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