Wyrmstalker Copy


Wyrmstalker Copy
Tier 13 Hunter Lookalike

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 85
Source: BoP raid drops/Vendor purchases/Crafted
Availability: Time consuming to gather
3D Model: Wowhead Link

How to get the set:

This outfit is a non-class-specific visual copy of the item level 397 Hunter Tier 13 set, the Wyrmstalker Battlegear. The pieces are obtained as drops in normal-mode Dragon Soul, vendor purchases, and crafted by Leatherworkers.

Unfortunately, there are no exact matching items for the shoulder slot, aside from the Hunter tier shoulders themselves, as shown in our Wyrmstalker Battlegear article. As such, other classes cannot replicate this look perfectly. We have however included a potential pair of replacement shoulders for the set, as shown above, and listed under the “Extras” section.

HeadZeherah’s Dragonskull Crown (BoP vendor purchase at the cost of 2200 Justice Points)
ChestDragonflayer Vest (BoP vendor purchase at the cost of 2200 Justice Points)
WristDragonbelly Bracers (BoE vendor purchase at the cost of 1250 Justice Points)
HandsArrowflick Gauntlets (BoP vendor purchase at the cost of 1650 Justice Points)
WaistCord of Dragon Sinew (BoP vendor purchase at the cost of 1650 Justice Points)
LegsRended Earth Leggings (BoE crafted by Leatherworkers of 525+ skill)
FeetBoneshard Boots (BoE vendor purchase at the cost of 1650 Justice Points)


ShouldersPauldrons of the Deafening Gale (BoP drop from Champion’s Cache in heroic Trial of the Champion)

BowTrophy Gatherer (BoP drop from Gortok Palehoof in normal Utgarde Pinnacle)


WristBracers of Looming Darkness (BoP contained within Lesser Cache of Aspects after defeating Ultraxion in normal-mode Dragon Soul)
WristBracers of the Hunter-Killer (BoE crafted by Leatherworkers of 525+ skill)
HandsSporebeard Gauntlets (BoP drop from Morchok in normal-mode Dragon Soul)
WaistBelt of the Beloved Companion (BoP drop from Warmaster Blackhorn in normal-mode Dragon Soul)
WaistDragoncarver Belt (BoE drop from trash in normal-mode Dragon Soul)
FeetTreads of Dormant Dreams (BoP drop from Hagara the Stormbinder in normal-mode Dragon Soul)

Recolours/Lookalikes (Hunter-only):

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4 Responses to “Wyrmstalker Copy”

  1. tang says:

    I was trying to find shoulders for this set and on my first run trying to get Pauldrons of the deafening gale, a different item dropped on the last boss (hc); ‘Pauldrons of the Shadow Hunter’. I actually much prefer these shoulders with this set.

  2. Artema says:

    An easier way to get the shoulders is to get the shoulders from Ebon Blade, available at exalted


    • Noelani says:

      Indeed, the Spaulders of the Black Arrow from Ebon Blade exalted are a very good substitute, although I should point out that they aren’t quite identical to the Pauldrons of the Deafening Gale. The former is light-medium brown, while the latter is a darker brown and red.

      The Black Arrow shoulders are probably easier obtained for most characters, but we chose to list the Deafening Gale as we found them to be a marginally better colour match.

  3. mo says:

    Nice suggestion for the shoulders! I was always disappointed that there were no copies of the hunter tier shoulders for my shaman in Dragon Soul, I think I will try to obtain this set now. :)

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