Scouting Set


Scouting Set

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 20 for Scouting items/54 with Goblin extras/70 with Human extras
Source: BoE world drops
Availability: Time consuming to piece together

About the set:

Scouting items drop from creatures in the 15-25 level bracket, particularly rare spawns which can have reasonably high drop chances. Regular Auction House scanning may still be the best method of finding these pieces though.

ChestScouting Tunic
WristsScouting Bracers
HandsScouting Gloves
WaistScouting Belt
LegsScouting Trousers
FeetScouting Boots

Extras (Goblin):

HeadWicked Leather Headband (BoE crafted by Leatherworkers of 280+ skill with Pattern: Wicked Leather Headband)
ShouldersCloaked Shoulderpads (BoE reward from the Darkmoon Faire Swords Deck crafted by Scribes)
Dual-Wield DaggersDreadblade (BoE world drop)

Extras (Human):

HeadRagefury Eyepatch (BoP drop from Hurley Blackbreath in Blackrock Depths, at a 9% drop rate)
ShouldersGrand Shoulders (BoE world drop)
BackIronscale War Cloak (BoP drop from Rokmar the Crackler in heroic Slave Pens, at a 16% drop rate)
WaistBelt of Deep Shadow (BoE crafted by Leatherworkers of 375+ skill with Pattern: Belt of Deep Shadow)
Dual-Wield One-Handed SwordsFiendish Machete (BoP drop from Alzzin the Wildshaper in Dire Maul East, at a 20% drop rate)


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13 Responses to “Scouting Set”

  1. Iôl says:

    I use this set as my go to xmog for my Troll Rogue’s PvE gear, only I changed the boots out for the Defilers boots sold in Hammerfall, the shoulders get swapped for the Sholder Pads of Adventure, the eye patch form BFD. Weapons of choice are either dual wielding Ogre’s pocket knives so I look like a dagger type rogue or dual Assasin’s Blades (darker version of the RFC Cursed Fel Blade.

  2. Ambisagrus says:

    I have this set on my rogue. The BoA helm I got goes perfect without any tmog. It’s got a ninja look to it and works well for a rogue.

  3. Aromist says:

    Sunroc mask goes perfect with this set, a nice black bandit mask.

  4. benja says:

    I don’t know if you guys have the same problem, but on my server the AH prices are super inflated. There are several people who buy out and repost low level greens for hundreds of gold a piece. Presumably they are making a ton of money doing so, or they wouldn’t do it. It makes farming greens actually seem more appealing than scanning the AH. eventually though if you hold out someone will inevitably post the items “cheap” and you can snag them at decent prices.

    • Andy says:

      Actually all the scouting pieces except the shoulders can be acquired via quests in lvl 10+ zones. (Darkshore for the Alliance)

      The shoulders are a quest reward from turning in the Swords deck.

    • Boofus says:

      It’s the same across all servers.
      Most of them are bot farmers building gold reserves
      for web sale. Most annoying.

  5. Xinnara says:

    I found that and work well with this set for One-Handed Mace and Off-Hand weapons!

  6. Dhaishozu says:

    What cape does suit this?

  7. Dacatus says:

    Cloaked Shoulderpads (BoP reward from the Darkmoon Deck of Swords) also works well and is not faction-specific.

  8. inclement says:

    Dusky Belt works very well with the set too.

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