Outrunner’s Set


Outrunner’s Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 19 for Outrunner’s items/64 with bow
Source: BoE world drops
Availability: Time consuming to piece together

About the set:

Outrunner items are BoE world drops from creatures between approximately level 15 and 25. Searching the AH regularly is probably the best way to locate them, although Blackfathom Deeps and Wailing Caverns seem to have a concentration of appropriate levelled creatures dropping the pieces.

There are also shoulders which match the appearance of the set, Outrunner’s Pauldrons, but they are a Common (white) quality item, and as such cannot be transmogrified. We’ve included an alternative with an identical model in the ‘extras’ section.

ChestOutrunner’s Chestguard
WristsOutrunner’s Cuffs
HandsOutrunner’s Gloves
WaistOutrunner’s Cord
LegsOutrunner’s Legguards
FeetOutrunner’s Slippers


ShouldersSteadfast Shoulders (BoE world drop)
BowEthereal Warp-Bow (BoP drop from Nexus-Prince Shaffar in normal mode Mana-Tombs)


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3 Responses to “Outrunner’s Set”

  1. Jo says:

    Grunt’s Pauldrons for shoulders works nic as well….

    Howling Bow of the ____ also gives a nice blue/purple mix

  2. Jaclie says:

    Pauldrons of Surging Mana – possibly on a male avatar….look like giant american football pads on a female bloodelf

  3. Tasiac says:

    I was using this set before you added it here, I use the Pauldrons of Surging Mana instead, I think they work better.

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