Heroic Firehawk Copy


Heroic Firehawk Robes of Conflagration Copy
Heroic Tier 12 Mage Copy

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 85
Source: BoP drops from heroic Firelands
Availability: Time consuming to obtain. Full look can only be achieved by Mages as it lacks many pieces

How to get the set:

This outfit is a partial visual copy of the item level 391 Mage Tier 12 heroic set, the Firehawk Robes of Conflagration, and is obtained from bosses in Firelands.

Unfortunately this set is lacking many parts, including most importantly the chest piece and head. Whilst most of the gaps can be filled with other items, the heroic mage T12 robe and hood are necessary to imitate this appearance perfectly. Nevertheless, we felt that the set was worth showing, even if just as a reference.

We may compile a more complete outfit at a later time.

ShouldersMantle of Closed Doors (Heroic) (BoP drop from Baleroc in Firelands)
WristsWristwraps of Arrogant Doom (Heroic) (BoP drop from Majordomo Staghelm in Firelands)
HandsFingers of Incineration (Heroic) (BoP contained within Cache of the Firelord, after defeating Ragnaros in Firelands)
LegsLeggings of Billowing Fire (Heroic) (BoP drop from Alysrazor in Firelands)


WaistBelt of Arcane Storms (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Maloriak in Blackwing Descent)
FeetBoots of the Black Flame (BoE crafted by Tailors of 525+ skill with Pattern: Boots of the Black Flame)


Lookalikes/Recolours (Mage-only):

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