Elementium Deathplate Copy


Elementium Deathplate Copy
Tier 12 Death Knight Copy

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 85
Source: BoP drops from Cataclysm raids/Vendor purchases/Crafted
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires a full raid. Full look can only be achieved by DKs

How to get the set:

This outfit is a non-class-specific visual copy of the item level 378 Death Knight Tier 12 sets, the Elementium Deathplate Battlearmor/Battlegear, and is obtained from bosses in Firelands.

Unfortunately there are no perfectly matching items for the shoulder slot, aside from the DK tier shoulders themselves, therefore other classes cannot replicate this look perfectly.

HeadGreathelm of the Voracious Maw (BoP drop from Alysrazor in Firelands)
ChestBreastplate of Shifting Visions (BoP drop from Majordomo Staghelm in Firelands)
WristsBracers of the Fiery Path (BoP drop from Majordomo Staghelm in Firelands)
WristsGigantiform Bracers (BoE vendor purchase at the cost of 1250 Valor Points)
HandsFireskin Gauntlets (BoP drop from Lord Rhyolith in Firelands)
WaistCinch of the Flaming Ember (BoP purchase from Naresir Stormfury at honored reputation level with Avengers of Hyjal)
LegsLavaworm Legplates (BoP drop from Alysrazor in Firelands)
FeetArachnaflame Treads (BoE from Beth’tilac in Firelands)
FeetMirrored Boots (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 525+ skill with Plans: Mirrored Boots)


Lookalikes/Recolours (Death Knight-only):

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6 Responses to “Elementium Deathplate Copy”

  1. Forseth says:

    Is there any substitute for Cinch of the Flaming Ember?

  2. Repriever says:

    One of the best 2H weapons for this set could be Blade of Misfortune.


  3. Ven says:

    Does anyone know of a good 2hd’r for this set?

  4. Aronor says:

    Brackenshell Shoulderplates from reg Morchok in DS aren’t a perfect match style-wise, but the colors match up perfectly, making them a viable substitute for any non-DKs.

  5. Purple says:

    Reminds me of one of the Council guards in Halo 2

  6. Ghalleon says:

    I really like this set. Fans of the old Final Fantasy games may draw similarities between this armor and the “Dragoon” armor from several of the games. The helmet especially, with its winged appearance, really reminds me of Kain from Final Fantasy IV.

    Just my opinion.

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