Sketh’lon Survivor’s/Soothsayer Set


Sketh’lon Survivor’s/Soothsayer Set

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 68
Source: Quest rewards/BoE world drops/One BoP boss drop
Availability: The basics are easily obtained

About the set:

This set is based around two quest rewards from Shadowmoon Valley, a tunic and kilt, which give the appearance of a robe when combined. Fortunately these two items are available to both factions and are therefore easily obtained by anyone of the appropriate level, assuming they’ve not previously completed the quests.

The accompanying pieces are mostly BoE world drops which will likely be more difficult to obtain. Thorough and regular Auction House browsing is advised if you wish to get your hands on all of the extras!

ShouldersMystical Mantle (BoE world drop)
ChestSketh’lon Survivor’s Tunic (Quest reward from Thwart the Dark Conclave in Shadowmoon Valley)
WristsAurora Bracers (BoE world drop)
HandsShadowy Laced Handwraps (BoP drop from Baroness Anastari in Stratholme, at a 25% drop rate)
WaistGossamer Belt (BoE world drop)
LegsSoothsayer’s Kilt (Quest reward from Blast the Infernals! (Alliance)/Blast the Infernals! (Horde) in Shadowmoon Valley)
FeetHigh Councillor’s Boots (BoE world drop)

StaffStaff of Divine Infusion (BoE world drop from high-level zones/instances in Outland)

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5 Responses to “Sketh’lon Survivor’s/Soothsayer Set”

  1. Solowing says:

    I got this set a while, and found that can go with the Hateful Gladiator’s Silk Cowl ( ) and Pauldrons of the Aldor ( )

    It would be like this

  2. Ocyla says:

    I’m using Gloves of Mediation and Windwalker’s Sash with this, which seems to work well also.

  3. Saerris says:

    I’m using this set currently on my mage as his transmog. One of the problems I had was finding nice looking bracers to match since I wasn’t fond of the ones shown. The Buccaneer’s bracers are a perfect match to it if you also wear a White Swashbuckler’s Shirt beneath it.

    A good option for a staff that I’m currently using for him is Spiritchaser Staff.

    The good thing with this set also is that a lot of the Gossamer items go great such as the belt, gloves and boots.

  4. Ocyla says:

    The Drakeweave Rainment is a recolor of the top ( but the bottom I’m still looking for. I finished this quest ages before transmog was around and can’t do it again :/

    Elder Wizard’s Mantle is also similar looking shoulders.

    • Jaedia says:

      Sadly if you’ve already completed the quest there’s no other way to get the skirt. I tried on my Priest who’d completed the quest in BC to no avail.

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