Potent Set


Potent Set

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 47 for the Potent items, 70 with weapons included
Source: BoE drops
Availability: Potentially time consuming to gather

How to get the set:
The Potent items are all BoE random world drops and as such your best bet for locating them is to scan the Auction House often.

ShouldersPotent Shoulders
ChestPotent Armor
WristsPotent Bands
GlovesPotent Gloves
WaistPotent Belt
LegsPotent Pants
FeetPotent Boots

Main-Hand Fist WeaponTheldurin’s Fist (BoP reward from the quest The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened in Badlands)
Off-Hand DaggerThe Fleshshaper (BoP drop from Sjonnir the Ironshaper in heroic Halls of Stone, at a 20% drop rate)


~ by Noelani on September 8, 2011.

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4 Responses to “Potent Set”

  1. Wolfshanze says:

    Sorry, but I completely disagree with how to get this set… if you want this set, you can easily have it in short order without checking the AH… the entire set is CRAFTABLE by a Leatherworker. The entire set is the “Tough Scorpid” armor set, and doesn’t require much in mats to craft… the only exception is the belt, which is “Heavy Scorpid” belt.

    Don’t waste your time searching for “Potent Leather”… just have a LW make you the Tough Scorpid set.

    • Noelani says:

      You are absolutely correct in principle, the Potent and Tough Scorpid sets are visually identical. However, the former is leather and the latter mail. As this article was intended to be a rogue outfit for the leather section, Tough Scorpid was not included.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nightshade is the black recolor, it has a slight model difference in that the chestpiece has upper arm bands.

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