Firelord’s Vestments


Firelord’s Vestments
Mage Tier 11 (359)

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 85
Source: BoP drops from Cataclysm raids and vendor purchases
Availability: Mage only! Time consuming to farm and requires a full raid

How to get the set:
The five items comprising the Firelord’s Vestments set are purchased using tokens which drop from the first tier of Cataclysm raids, as well Justice Point vendor purchases. There are also matching boots, bracers and belts for this set, listed in the ‘Extras’ section.

The following list highlights the source of each item piece, all of which can be purchased from Gunra for members of the Horde, and Magatha Silverton for the Alliance.

Head – Purchased with Helm of the Forlorn Vanquisher, a BoP drop from Nefarian in Blackwing Descent, at a 46% drop rate
Shoulders – Purchased with Mantle of the Forlorn Vanquisher, a BoP drop from Cho’gall in Bastion of Twilight, at a 48% drop rate
Chest – Vendor purchased for 2200 Justice Points
Gloves – Vendor purchased for 1650 Justice Points
Legs – Vendor purchased for 2200 Justice Points

Note that the tier pieces may also be obtained in the following ways:
– Gloves and legs themselves have a small chance to drop from Argaloth in Baradin Hold.


WristBracers of the Bronze Flight (BoP from Halfus Wyrmbreaker in Bastion of Twilight, at a 16% drop rate)
WaistDreamless Belt (BoE crafted by Tailors of 525+ skill)
FeetEinhorn’s Galoshes (BoP from Chimaeron in Blackwing Descent, at a 16% drop rate)
FeetMelodious Slippers (BoE vendor purchase at the cost of 1650 Justice Points)


Recolours (Mage-only):


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5 Responses to “Firelord’s Vestments”

  1. Exozen says:

    If you want a good looking staff for this set i recommend the Ghost Iron staff. Its a inscrib staff thats BoE , but the crafter need to have 2 spirits in order to make it. Looks pretty neat and matches the set !

  2. Cóffee says:

    Any staffs go well?

  3. Sevaria says:

    The looking for raid version of Ti’tahk, The Steps of Time looks like it was made for this set.

  4. AMETKO says:

    Not mage only!

    Helm: Omnotron Defense System
    Shoulders: Atramedes
    Chest: Nefarian
    Gloves: The Earthen Ring – Exalted

    Other items from your list (waist, wrist, feet) are not mage-only.

    • ironyca says:

      We’ll get around to dealing with T11 and 12 recolours in the near future, but we have other things on our agenda first.

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