Onslaught Sets


Onslaught Sets
Warrior Tier 6

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP token purchases and boss drops from Outland raids
Availability: Time consuming to farm and will require assistance

How to get the set:
There are two visually identical Onslaught sets, one for each warrior role:
ProtectionOnslaught Armor
Arms/FuryOnslaught Battlegear

Tier 6 sets are unusual in the fact that the bracers, belts and boots were added later than the rest of the set (when Sunwell Plateau arrived in patch 2.4), and have a completely different appearance to the earlier tier pieces, which are purchased using tokens from Black Temple and the Battle for Mount Hyjal.

The Onslaught belts, bracers and boots visually match the Sunwell Warrior Sets, but thankfully there are pieces for these slots matching the rest of T6, listed in the ‘Extras’ section below.

The following list highlights the source of each tier token, which may used to buy the related armor pieces from Tydormu, just inside the entrance to Hyjal Summit in the Caverns of Time. If you are only interested in appearance, it doesn’t matter which armor set you choose, as they both look identical and are purchased from the same tokens anyway.

Head TokenHelm of the Forgotten Protector (BoP drop from Archimonde in Hyjal Summit, at a 65% drop rate)
Shoulder TokenPauldrons of the Forgotten Protector (BoP drop from Mother Shahraz in Black Temple, at a 68% drop rate)
Chest TokenChestguard of the Forgotten Protector (BoP drop from Illidan Stormrage in Black Temple, at a 70% drop rate)
Glove TokenGloves of the Forgotten Protector (BoP drop from Azgalor in Hyjal Summit, at a 68% drop rate)
Leg TokenLeggings of the Forgotten Protector (BoP drop from The Illidari Council in Black Temple, at a 70% drop rate)


WristsEternium Shell Bracers (BoP drop from High Warlord Naj’entus in Black Temple, at a 17% drop rate)
WaistGirdle of Stability (BoP drop from Gurtogg Bloodboil in Black Temple, at a 15% drop rate)
FeetDreadboots of the Legion (BoP drop from Essence of Anger (Reliquary of Souls) in Black Temple, at a 17% drop rate)

Sunwell Tier Pieces:
These do not match the above items. See Sunwell Warrior Sets for items matching the following tier pieces.

Bracer TokenBracers of the Forgotten Protector (BoP drop from Sathrovarr the Corruptor (Kalecgos))
Belt TokenBelt of the Forgotten Protector (BoP drop from Brutallus)
Boot TokenBoots of the Forgotten Protector (BoP drop from Felmyst)


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16 Responses to “Onslaught Sets”

  1. Bigge says:

    hi there i was wondering if there is anyone who can tell me something what should I have for weapon to Onslaught Set …

  2. Exez says:

    Hello, I am a Death Knight, But real T6 Warrior set fan.. Imo I find it the best looking set curraintly ingame to this day (20-04-2013)

    Only problem I have which is Obvious, I am not a Warrior, meaning I cant Equip the set so cannot Transmog the “Official” Warrior set, My question is, can or does some one have a “Look alike” full Transmog set list for me..? Would be awsome. Greets Exez

    • Noelani says:

      It’s funny you should mention this, as I’m currently working on a project in collaboration with somebody named Eraclito, on the WoWRoleplayGear forums. We’re creating an overview list of all Tier sets, tier lookalikes, and recolours, highlighting if the sets are complete, or if not, which pieces are missing. Perhaps that might cater to what you’re looking for. The link is as follows: Project: Missing offsets.

      • Exez says:

        Wel It doesnt realy cover (unless I missed it, sorry in advance if I did) what I as a Death Knight need, since it says on the list T6 Warrior is “Complete” yes it is, as a Warrior, you can get teh set easy.. Problem begins when, as I am, not a Warrior. but a DK.

      • Noelani says:

        Read post number 6 under the headline “Tier 6 & Recolours”, second paragraph. It has a line listing the recolour of warrior T6 (it’s very much incomplete, hence we don’t have an article for it).

      • Exez says:

        Thanks Allot Noelani, Sadly it seems so far Both Brown and Bleu Collored look alike’s are both unfinished for Complete Transmog set. Thanks anyways :)

        I’ll go for the T10 Heroic 25 Death Knight Set, which is My 2nd Favorite after T6 Warrior. :)

      • Noelani says:

        Not a problem, glad I could help although sadly I couldn’t bring much good news.

  3. Fab says:

    I use this set for my tanking set, combined with the Shield of the four grey towers ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=57926/shield-of-the-four-grey-towers )
    and a one hand axe from BWL, forgot the name.

  4. crusnik says:

    I found http://www.wowhead.com/item=36379/golem-girdle is an alright waist option until the actual waist drops picked one of ah for just 15g :)

  5. PickleJuice says:

    Some of the Wyrmskull items match well with this set, and there are a few items within BT that match it as well, more then what are listed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Does this set have any look-alikes? I can’t seem to find them for my DK, but I’d love to. I have the helm, gloves and boots, but no luck on chest/legs.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Myrmidon’s Treads (plate tanking boots) from Shade of Akama in Black Temple also has the same model and skin as Dreadboots of the Legion, and matches the warrior T6 set.

  8. Gwyn says:

    Not sure why you write that the Sunwell Tier pieces doesn’t match, looks like a perfect match to me, anything I am missing ?

    • Noelani says:

      This is seemingly an error on Blizzard’s part, that or part of an incomplete process. Essentially, all of the boots, belts and bracers for all T6 sets formerly matched the Sunwell sets. Infact, all of them still do, with the exception of this set, which was changed with the last patch. See Dark Sunwell Plate for more discussion in the comments about when this happened. We’ve left the article in its current state, as we expect the change to be reverted, to be in line with the other T6 sets, but we’re keeping an eye out for any further info.

      • Maahu says:

        Still orrect to date. Also despite numerous posts and tickets, the T6 warrior bracers boots and belt remain incorrectly skinned to match the rest of the T6 set.

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