Demon Stalker Armor


Demon Stalker Armor
Hunter Tier 4

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP token purchases and boss drops from Outland raids
Availability: Time consuming to farm and may require assistance

How to get the set:
The five items comprising the Demon Stalker Armor set are purchased using tokens which drop from Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Lair.

In addition to the tier pieces, there are also matching non-set boots, bracers and a belt within Karazhan, which are listed in the ‘Extras’ section below.

Gathering some of these items may require assistance, depending on your level and gear.

The following list highlights the source of each tier token, which may used to buy the related armor pieces from Asuur if you are Aldor affiliated and Arodis Sunblade for Scryers.

Head TokenHelm of the Fallen Hero (BoP drop from Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan, at a 32% drop rate)
Shoulder TokenPauldrons of the Fallen Hero (BoP drop from High King Maulgar in Gruul’s Lair, at a 63% drop rate)
Chest TokenChestguard of the Fallen Hero (BoP drop from Magtheridon in Magtheridon’s Lair, at a 66% drop rate)
Glove TokenGloves of the Fallen Hero (BoP drop from The Curator in Karazhan, at a 32% drop rate)
Leg TokenLeggings of the Fallen Hero (BoP drop from Gruul the Dragonkiller in Gruul’s Lair, at a 61% drop rate)


WristsStalker’s War Bands (BoP drop from Attumen the Huntsman in Karazhan, at a 17% drop rate)
WaistGirdle of the Prowler (BoP drop from Terestian Illhoof in Karazhan, at a 17% drop rate)
FeetFiend Slayer Boots (BoP contained within Dust Covered Chest after completing Karazhan Chess Event, at a 16% drop rate)


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11 Responses to “Demon Stalker Armor”

  1. Kimmuryiel says:

    Ranged weapons that match this set perfectly:
    Black Bow of the Betrayer (off Illidan)
    Bristleblitz Striker (bow off Archimonde)
    Legionkiller (Crossbow off Supremus)
    (I haven’t seen a gun that matches this set well. I haven’t made an exhaustive search, however.)

    For cloak, if you already did the level 85 quest to save Thrall and sold the cloak, there is the green/purple t6 cloak (like the Thalassian Wildercloak off of Kael’thas is TK)

    If you don’t want to deal with Chess, the Softstep Boots of Tracking off Teron Gorefiend match well enough.

    My hunter’s set:

  2. Traline says:

    I believe that Siren’s Cry works very well with this transmog. Sadly you can only obtain it if you are level 80.
    Information here:

  3. Mufudge says:

    Best Pole arm that goes with this set that matches the fel green on the armour from Burning Crusade is The Halberd of Desolation off of High Warlord Naj’Entus in the Black Temple and the best Bow that matches the set is The Black Bow of the Betrayer off Illidan Stormrage in Black Temple. This also Matches well with the Season One Gladiator Pursuit Set to.

  4. Super says: As long as its chanted with current content enchant looks pretty bad ass with this xmog set.

  5. Calimus says:

    Here is this set with the best possible look (cloak included), as well as a bow that matches really well.
    Wowhead 3D link

    Now the cloak is a Quest reward.. If you have already done the quest, a good substitute is:
    Durable Flamewrath Greatcloak
    or Cloak of Unforgivable Sin

    The best pole arm I have found so far is the non Heroic Ranseur of Hatred It is green and with the agility enchant.. it works wonderfully.
    Hope this helps someone.

  6. vesper-stardust says:

    One of my favourite hunter sets! So glad I kept it from those days. Another matching belt option that looks identical to the Girdle of the Prowler from Terestian is War-Feathered Loop from G’eras in Shattrath, which will set you back 312 JP but worth it if you are having lousy luck in Karazhan.

  7. dewl says:

    finnaly i found a new project :) already got every goodlooking bow legendary so this will be my third mogg set for my hunter, after t6 and t2 recolour :)

  8. varronac says:

    what is a good polearm to go with this set?

  9. Merkarion says:

    This Set was to seen in the “Wrath of the Lichking”-Trailer from Blizzcon in a alterneate and recoloured Version as a Deathknight-Set


    Look especially at the Shoulder^^

  10. Lyexxeisa says:

    Just got my full set on my NE hunter.
    I cant decide what bow goes will with it.
    I’m thinking Black Bow of the Betrayer from Illidan.

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