Twilight Set


Twilight Set

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 35 (58 with extras)
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Not farmable, check the AH regularly

How to get the set:

Not to be confused with the Twilight Cultist set, this outfit is comprised entirely of world BoEs, dropping from creatures in approximately the 30-45 level range.

Your best bet for tracking the pieces down is to browse the Auction House regularly.

ChestTwilight Armor (BoE World Drop)
WristsTwilight Cuffs (BoE World Drop)
GlovesTwilight Gloves (BoE World Drop)
WaistTwilight Belt (BoE World Drop)
LegsTwilight Pants (BoE World Drop)
FeetTwilight Boots (BoE World Drop)


ShouldersMistscape Mantle (BoE World Drop)
BackImbued Gypsy Cloak (BoE World Drop)
StaffBrutal Scar-Limb (BoE World Drop from early Outland zones/instances)

In addition to the items listed above, this set also contains Twilight Cowl and Twilight Mantle. However, we chose to leave them out as they don’t match the appearance of the rest of the set.


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