Dark Coven’s Regalia Recolour


Dark Coven’s Regalia Recolour
Tier 10 Warlock Lookalike

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 80
Source: BoP drops from Icecrown Citadel
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires a lot of assistance

How to get the set:
This outfit is a recolour of the warlock Tier 10 Dark Coven’s Regalia sets and is specifically obtained from within Heroic Icecrown10.

It is advisable to pursue this set as part of a raid, as heroic Icecrown10 can still be very challenging even at 85.

HeadCowl of Malefic Repose (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Blood-Queen Lana’thel in Icecrown10, at a 21% drop rate)
ShouldersShoulders of Ruinous Senility (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Professor Putricide in Icecrown10, at a 19% drop rate)
ChestRobes of Azure Downfall (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Sindragosa in Icecrown10, at a 19% drop rate)
WristsEther-Soaked Bracers (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Rotface in Icecrown10, at an 18% drop rate)
GlovesSister’s Handshrouds (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Lady Deathwhisper in Icecrown10, at a 15% drop rate)
WaistCauterized Cord (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Professor Putricide in Icecrown10, at an 18% drop rate)
LegsKilt of Untreated Wounds (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Festergut in Icecrown10, at a 19% drop rate)
FeetIcecrown Spire Sandals (Heroic) (BoP contained within Deathbringer’s Cache after defeating heroic-mode Deathbringer Saurfang in Icecrown10, at a 15% drop rate)


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9 Responses to “Dark Coven’s Regalia Recolour”

  1. lordammanas says:

    I had to post this. Just got the whole set and am sporting http://www.wowhead.com/item=55066 as my transmog weapon. Looks AMAZING!

  2. Lucinde says:

    Just so people aren’t discouraged; the “Requires A Lot Of Assistance” statement doesn’t have to be accurate. I just 3-manned (489 Arms Warrior, 495 Shadow/Holy Priest, and 448 Ele/Resto Shaman) all of the bosses that drop pieces to this set and got the robes, gloves, and hood for my character. It helps that nothing in this set drops from the Lich King, of course.

  3. Gregorh says:

    I will be using this set on my shadow priest with my Anathema

  4. Slivenn says:

    For the staff I’m going to have to recommend:


    The skull, blade and horns encapsulate what it means to be a part of the dark coven.

    As this drop comes from Halfus Wyrmbreaker, I’d recommend you bring the rest of the coven with you.

  5. Gille says:

    I found another staff: http://www.wowhead.com/item=47968 I must say it goes pretty well with the shoulders, so that’s what I’m going with atm.

  6. anon says:

    Using this, staff of infinite mysteries off the curator in kara, and cloak of untold secrets from AQ 40. i must say i do look pretty stylish

  7. Scylla Blackheart says:

    Little help for the above post, look around in BC and Vanilla dungeons. You may find something there. I use the non-heroic 10 man version of the Dark Coven armor but I use the Staff that drops from Archy in Caverns of time Hyjal. a good one handed weapon to use here would drop in the same raid, the heroic form of the caster blade dropped off of Marrowgar.

  8. anon says:

    I’ve decided that i’ll be using this for my warlock, but was wondering which weapon to use with it. Thoughts I had were Staff of Infinities, or the heroic version of Spire of Scarlet Pain. Any ideas?

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