Glacial Robe


Glacial Robe

How to get the set:

Armor Type: Cloth - Epic
Level Req.: 80 (85 with Blood Elf extras)
Source: Tailor Crafted BoE
Availability: Easily obtained

The Glacial Robe is created by tailors of 425+ skill. The pattern for it is trainable, so it should be widely available among crafters.

We have included a number of extras to accompany the robe in this article, some of which are other crafted Glacial items.


HeadAzure Silk Hood (BoE crafted by Tailors of 145+ skill)
ShouldersTernary Mantle (BoP drop from “The Bug Trio”: Lord Kri, Vem and Princess Yauj) in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj)
BackMistscape Cloak (BoE world drop)
HandsSage’s Gloves (BoE world drop)
WaistGlacial Waistband (BoE crafted by Tailors of 420+ skill)
FeetGlacial Slippers (BoE crafted by Tailors of 420+ skill)

One-Hand SwordPhantom Blade (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 270+ skill with Plans: Phantom Blade)
Off-HandHortus’ Seal of Brilliance (BoP drop from Warchief Kargath Bladefist in normal and heroic modes of The Shattered Halls)

Alternatives (Blood Elf):

HeadMidrealm Hat (Quest reward from Rightful Repossession in Netherstorm)
ShouldersPauldrons of Sufferance (BoP drop from Epoch Hunter in normal mode Old Hillsbrad Foothills)
WaistDreadwing Skin Belt (Horde only! Quest reward from Slay the Brood Mother in Blade’s Edge Mountains)
StaffTi’tahk, the Steps of Time (Raid Finder) (BoP contained within Elementium Fragment after completing the Madness of Deathwing encounter in Raid Finder mode Dragon Soul)

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16 Responses to “Glacial Robe”

  1. Aquahoof says:

    Iam defo using his mog for my human mage Iam RPing as a member of the blue dragonflight :P

  2. Koya says:

    Some alternative shoulders and MH’s that I use:

    Shoulders: Mantle of Inconsolable Fear . This is dropped from The Black Knight in Trial of the Champions (normal mode only).

    Dagger or wand – both are dropped in Ulduar 25

    Dagger: Fang of Oblivion – . Dropped by Algalon and The Iron Council
    Wand: Scepter of Creation – . Dropped by Ignis the Furnace Master.

  3. Leigh says:

    I think Seethe would go well with this set as well.

  4. Brion says:

    For those who prefer staves, the Hydrocane from Gnomergan works perfectly.

  5. Nanyana says:

    Don’t get discouraged to get

    You will need to pay some gold (me 5k) to get the frozen runes, but they are more then worth it. No other gloves look as good as these on this set.

  6. Neil says:

    Since Raid Finder Ti’Tahk is no longer available, I recommend Etherium Life-Staff off of the High Astromancer in Tempest Keep: The Eye.

  7. Voxyn says:

    I love blue so put together my set with Gilded Fan Silk Cowl ( )
    as my head transmog and the Forgotten Bloodmage Mantle ( ) they are both a little darker than the robe but i like the contrast, I need to make the belt, if you wanna search me on Armory (my realm is Shadow Council)

  8. Morrogoth says:

    I prefer Spidersilk Drape as the back for this outfit.

    • Lane says:

      I agree, and I went forth and decided to go craft this.

      Let me state this as a warning though, the spider silk that you need to make this is super scarce. At least it was on my server’s AH.

      I had to spend 2 hours farming for it in Wetlands.

  9. Blizzam says:

    You should also look into the Mantle of the White Tiger for the shoulder slot! It’s also cloth and matches very well with the Glacial look.

  10. Neil says:

    Just finished the blood elf variant of this set. Hardest part was the shoulders, taking a dozen runs to finally drop.

    Only difference is i used Sishir cloak for the back.

  11. Gille says:

    Also, for any mages out there, the Aldor Regalia shoulders go very nicely with this set.

  12. Kahdri says:

    Wrong wowhead link! :(

    Correct link is here:

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