Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

Armor Type: Cloth & Leather
Level Req.: 85
Source: Dungeon drops, world BoE drops and rare elite drops
Availability: Good luck…

How to get the set:
This set is very challenging to complete, as it includes three of the most sought after items in the whole World of Warcraft. Pursuing this set will likely take substantial time and commitment, and due to the scarcity of some items and their desirability, this is a challenge for only the most patient of set collectors.

Demon hunters of both sexes are noted for wearing a minimum of clothing on the upper body, but in this circumstance we’ve equipped the female with a harness, a purchase from Horde vendors, which we deem more fitting that just a plain bra. For more information of demon hunter lore, check Wowpedia.

Two of the items, the bracers and belt, are uncommon BoE world drops, the former from level 17-22 creatures, the latter from 64-69 Outland mobs. Their drop rates are very low, but you may have some luck finding them if you regularly search the Auction House.

Dress shoes, a perennial favourite for roleplay sets, perhaps sounds a little posh for a demon hunter, but they fit the set well, as would any other dark shoes. They are crafted by tailors of 250+ skill and the recipe is widely available.

The legs are a drop from the beautiful but elusive Blazewing, a rare-spawn level 81 phoenix in Mount Hyjal. Fortunately, the drop rate on the pants is 100%, so if you do manage to find Blazewing, you’re guaranteed a reward. Alternatively, as the pants are BoE, you may find them on the Auction House, although no doubt at a high price.

So, we come to the toughest of the set, the blindfold and the dual glaives, all three of which drop from Illidan Stormrage, the very first demon hunter. Whilst the blindfold has a reasonably high drop rate, the two glaives have just a 4% chance each to drop when Illidan is killed. In order to pursue these items, you’ll most likely need to go with a small raid, even if level 85, as many of the encounters in Black Temple are still very tough, including the glaive-wielder himself.

At the very bottom of this article there is a section on alternative weapons, as the warglaives are obviously much tougher to acquire than the average roleplay item.

HeadCursed Vision of Sargeras (BoP from Illidan Stormrage in Black Temple)
WristsScouting Bracers (Random world BoE drop)
WaistUmbrafen Waistband (Random world BoE drop)
LegsBlazewing’s Furious Kilt (BoE from Blazewing in Mount Hyjal)
FeetDress Shoes (Crafted by Tailors of 250+ skill)
Main HandWarglaive of Azzinoth (BoP from Illidan Stormrage in Black Temple)
Off HandWarglaive of Azzinoth (BoP from Illidan Stormrage in Black Temple)

Female picture specific:
ChestBuckled Harness (Vendor purchase)

Alternative ‘Headpiece':
Should the Cursed Vision be out of reach, or if you happen to be starting a fresh character, night elf males have an advantage over others when it comes to appropriate demon hunter appearance. One of the face options for them has the appearance of a blindfold, as can be seen below, a valuable alternative to the Illidan drop.

Alternative Weapons:
Should the glaives refuse to drop for you, here is a reasonable alternative:

One-Handed SwordBlade of Savagery (BoP from Mother Shahraz in Black Temple)
LegsKilt of Sewn Flesh (BoP from Meathook in normal Culling of Stratholme)

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62 Responses to “Demon Hunter”

  1. Mysterios says:

    You could just get its easily farmable from low level dungeons like Ragefire Chasm or Deadmines

  2. Moonshadow's Herald says:

    This is the most simple, un-rare [Yeah, I know, not a word] set I could find.
    The kilt is both factions and cheap, the top only requires a bit of Netherwing farming, the Blindfold and Shards aren’t that bad.
    I set this up primarily for myself, being a Night Elf female trying to RP as a Demon Hunter.

  3. Crittoris says:


    Can you recommend any good pants that resemble Illidans? The non-kilt looking ones? I would appreciate it a bunch, thanks for a good site!

  4. Galathia says:

    I wonder.. is it possible for me to upload my demon hunter set here?
    Its a brown set thats mix and match of some items already shown in some of these pictures, and some that haven’t even been mentioned :3

    • Noelani says:

      I’m afraid that we don’t take submissions for new articles/sets, if that’s what you mean. We’ve also put a hold on image gallery submissions which you can find in some of our articles, due to increased workload. We’ll hopefully re-open that feature in future.

      There are however two ways that you can share your outfits and images with others via the site right now.

      Firstly, if you find your set is particularly relevant to one of our existing articles, you are always welcome to add a comment detailing your own work, along with some links to images hosted on f.ex. Imageshack or Photobucket. Secondly, quite a few people have opted to post their sets on our forums, which allows you to host your images on WoWRoleplayGear and get some feedback from others.

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