Bloodfang Recolour


Bloodfang Recolor
Tier 2 Rogue Lookalike

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP boss drops from normal and heroic Outland dungeons
Availability: Time consuming to farm, but soloable by high level characters

How to get the set:
All of the items in the Bloodfang recolor set are from level 70 normal and heroic dungeons. The farming process is easily soloable by a level 85 character, but it is potentially very time consuming to gather the entire set, due to daily heroic lockouts.

HeadCowl of the Guiltless (BoP from Aeonus in Normal and Heroic Black Morass)
ShouldersMantle of the Unforgiven (BoP from Nexus-Prince Shaffar in Heroic Mana-Tombs)
ChestChestguard of No Remorse (BoP from Hydromancer Thespia in Normal and Heroic Steamvault)
WristsArmwraps of Disdain (BoP from Swamplord Musel’ek in Heroic Underbog)
GlovesGloves of the Unbound (BoP from Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates in Normal and Heroic Arcatraz)
WaistLiar’s Cord (BoP from Rokmar the Crackler in Heroic Slave Pens)
LegsLeggings of the Unrepentant (BoP from Keli’dan the Breaker in Heroic Blood Furnace)
FeetBoots of the Unjust (BoP from Exarch Maladaar in Heroic Auchenai Crypts)


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85 Responses to “Bloodfang Recolour”

  1. Sem Koolhaas says:

    I think this set is similar to the set that is obtainable in MC. And the set that is obtainable on BWL. Pretty nice, that people use this site these days.

  2. Zephyer says:

    What would be a good fist weapon to go with this set

  3. Shot says:

    Anyone know a good cape that could go with this?

    This is the pieces I have so far.

  4. Saklig says:

    It bothered me a bit, so i fixed it:

    Hellfire Sitadel:
    Blood Furnance – Legs

    Slave Pens – Waist
    Underbog – Wrists
    Streamvault – Chest
    Underbog – Wrists

    Terokkar Fores:
    Mana- Tombs – Shoulders
    Auchenal Crypts – Feet

    Arcatraz – Gloves

    Black Morass – Head

  5. fogma says:

    Can anyone tell me whitch dungeons to farm for this set

  6. joakim says:

    Phantom Blade (one handed sword) i am using it atm, looks fine

  7. Trollberlone says:

    Is there any 1 handed sword’s, mace’s, or axe’s? That match the set

  8. Yuu says:

    Any staves that would look nice with this? ^-^

    • PRC says:

      I found “Sonic Spear” that drops from Murmur in Labarynth looks great with this. Sonic Spear is a Polearm so it only works if you’re a druid, which I assume you are with the leather set.

  9. wizzad says:

    wizzad@gnomeregan… I got the boots, did not like…. however I found that Mosshide Boots fit just fine

  10. Milan says:

    I cant find the legs because the boss that drops them is bugged.Anyone know any leggings that match thi set?

  11. Exidos says:

    I can’t get the leggs for now, but do any have some tips for some leggings i can use meanwhile im farming for it? :D

  12. Draco says:

    If you’re looking for a bow. Ethereal warp bow works wonders!

  13. Rednek says:

    Anyone know any good 1 handed maces that fit this. Looking for a druid so I can’t use an axe or sword.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  14. Hezak says:

    The Polar Boots fit nicely with this set too if you are having trouble getting the Boot of Unjust. The Polar Boots are made by Leather Workers.

  15. Rednek says:

    I have been farming this set for my druid on the Cairne server. I had all of the pieces but the shoulders in two days (with the heroic lockouts).

    The witch hunter’s harvester is a perfect match, along with Platinum Mesh Cloak.

    This set looks amazing on a Worgen, minus the helm. It doesn’t fit the worgen’s head properly. (Something to keep in mind.

  16. Gracius says:

    wich daggers looks cool to this?

  17. Blub says:

    Witch-hunter harvester.

  18. dragon says:

    anyone know of swords or staff or polearm that goes good with this set

  19. Ben says:

    Any idea what daggers and enchants fits the best to this set?

  20. conner says:

    Would this look good on a panda?

  21. Billy Talent says:

    Any capes?

  22. Mill says:

    This is one of the best wow sites for gear ever!!!1!! <3

  23. Illidän says:

    Timeslicer looks very awesome to the set

    OHF hc last boss drop

  24. mIGHTYNESS says:

    Uhh isnt that a drop from

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