The Necromancer I


Necromancer Set I

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 70
Source: Two boss drops, one tailored item, one Justice Point purchase and an heirloom
Availability: Requires a little leg-work, but not too challenging to piece together

How to get the set:
The robes are a Justice Point purchase from Burning Crusade vendors, Anwehu and Smith Hauthaa. The staff is also available for Justice Points, but from Heirloom vendors in Stormwind/Orgrimmar and Dalaran.

The mantle is a drop from normal Magisters’ Terrace and the cowl from Blackrock Spire, both of which can be solo’d multiple times per day. As such, these shouldn’t take too long to collect.

Lastly, the boots are created by tailors of 250 skill or greater.

Head – Ironweave Cowl (Drops from Lord Valthalak in Blackrock Spire)
Shoulders – Duskhallow Mantle (Drops from Priestess Delrissa in normal Magisters’ Terrace)
Chest – Tormented Demonsoul Robes (Purchased with Justice Points)
Feet – Dress Shoes (Crafted by tailors of 250 skill or greater)
Weapon – Dignified Headmaster’s Charge (Heirloom Vendor Purchase)


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30 Responses to “The Necromancer I”

  1. WCJ says:

    actually i use this set with:

    Horns of the Left Hand Path

    Staff of the Left Hand Path

    and without cloak

    hope u enjoy it!

  2. Colorium says:

    Is the cowl still available in game? I didnt think you could summon Lord V anymore.

  3. DARTHBALLS12 says:

    what character do u have to be?

  4. Faz says:

    Any good looking Dagger+Offhand combos for this?

  5. Bieberqt says:

    What belt is used in this set?
    additional: any gloves that can be used?

  6. Tomes says:

    If you are looking for a black cape to match this set then I may have found an easy answer for you… as long as you aren’t a Loremaster >.>
    Go to the Dark Portal and you will find some questgivers there.
    Look for the questline ‘Watching Our Back”

    I found this by accident on my loc and now always ALWAYS check every quest reward item for transmog value and decided would be perfect for the ‘Black Magic’ look I am planning for my mage ^^


    Hope this helps! xD

  7. madmouse says:

    Belt that worked for me.

  8. Joshdalf says:

    Add mask of deciever for awesome looks

  9. Demetrion says:

    If your looking for off pieces to complete the set I totally recommend using the Frostwoven tailoring set pieces for gloves, boots, and the rest of the uncovered pieces. Using this setup on my undead warlock and it looks sick. Also as a cloak I’d recommend if you can find it.

  10. Phazos says:

    Hello, i would like to know what the chest and head is called that matches the shoulder piece

  11. Very inspiring.. loving this.

  12. JyuJyu says:

    This staff looks great with the set [Wrathful Gladiator’s Focus Staff], and for the head ill keep it simple [Cowl of Benevolence] this looks nice, for the belt something that really match [Wrathful Gladiator’s Cord of Dominance].
    maybe it just me idk but the set looks cool with those and for the shoulders [Amice of Brilliant Light] looks sick.

  13. Maxilian says:

    For the head… you can also use cloaked hood and nightsky cowl (almost the same color as Ironweave Cowl but it matches the set)

  14. Maxilian says:

    For these set you can also use “the bringer of dead” (as the guy above said) and you can use Headmaster’s Charge those 2 staff have the same model as Dignified Headmaster’s Charge

  15. Greg says:

    Any chance there is a matching belt that can be transmogrified in 4.3? I know it kinda looks like there is a belt in this set already but it’s not. The robe just looks like it.

  16. bastdan says:

    ran into a problem with Farming these. The is needed to get the Ironweave Cowl. However it is no longer available to players, and is needed to Summon Lord Valthalak in Blackrock Spire. might need to find some alternative :(

  17. Morbidity says:

    The chest also drops from Archimonde

  18. Hans Tettero says:

    you can also aquire a “The Bringer of Death” as an alternate weapon (lvl 70 BoE world drop superior item)

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