Might Recolour


Might Recolour
Tier 1 Warrior Lookalike

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70
Source: Primarily BoP drops from both normal and heroic Outland instances
Availability: Simple but time consuming

How to get the set:
The items have pretty good drop rates – between 15-20%.

There is a BoE alternative to both the belt and bracers: Girdle of Siege and Bracers of Recklessness, both of which drop from various Outland mobs both outside and inside dungeons. Before you aim for the belt and bracers listed below, check the auction house for these first.

HeadIrondrake Faceguard (BoP drop in a chest after you kill Vazruden and his mount Nazan in heroic Hellfire Ramparts)
ShouldersPauldrons of the Crimson Flight (BoP from Aeonus in both normal and heroic Black Morass)
ChestCrimsonforge Breastplate (BoP from Omor the Unscarred in heroic Hellfire Ramparts)
WristsBands of Syth (BoP from Darkweaver Syth in both normal and heroic Sethekk Halls)
HandsGauntlets of Cruel Intention (BoP from Thorngrin the Tender in both normal and heroic Botanica)
WaistRubium War-Girdle (BoP from Zereketh the Unbound in both normal and heroic Arcatraz)
LegsBloodlord Legplates (BoP from The Maker in heroic Blood Furnace)
FeetBloodsworn Warboots (BoP from Keli’dan the Breaker in heroic Blood Furnace)


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29 Responses to “Might Recolour”

  1. Jeanne says:

    Best shield:

    Drillborer Disk

    Best weapon:

    Any variant of Quel’Sera (good luck farming ^^)

    That’s just the ultra old shool ! Molten core memories… :)

  2. Shinato says:

    I think Spiritguard Shield goes well with it, can be created from blacksmith’s for just 9 ghost iron bars =)

  3. Jimmy says:

    When did this set come out? I don’t remember this being around during BC or Wrath, or was I just not paying enough attention to loot drops?

  4. Kayla says:


    Brigam Girdle actually looks pretty good with this set [you have to see it with the set in game, screenshots with other gearsets don’t really do it justice]. It’s not a lookalike, but the colors match up and look better than the black and red belt I had before.

    If you’re having a hard time getting the belt to drop or just don’t feel like running Arc, it might be a suitable replacement. I’m just wearing it until I can finally get Zereketh to drop my belt. :|

  5. Bleep says:

    I got super lucky while farming thsi set. It only took me 1 day the only thing that took more than 1 run on normal was the belt and I finally gave up and found the BoE one in the AH later that night.

    • Daniel says:

      I don’t believe that at all. I’ve been farming dungeons pretty much every 6-ish hours for the last 5 days. I am going for the ENTIRE set. Waist, Bracers, everything.

      I’ve got the Boots, Waist, Bracers and Gloves. (All the pieces that are the smallest) and I am still yet to get the largest pieces. (Breastplate, Shoulders, Legs and Helm).

      I highly doubt that you got EVERY piece of this in 1 day and even if you did, I don’t care and neither does anyone else. This set takes a long time to get.

      Maybe you could spend a ton of JPs and 1250 Gold getting the 2 heirlooms that are basically copies of the ‘Molten Core’ Helm and Shoulders. So you could skip farming for these. Or do Molten Core and hope that you get some of the original set.

      I have the gloves, bracers and belt from Molten Core. But again, none of the ‘big pieces’.

      The shoulders, I can imagine are going to be a real pain. 9 runs so far and no drops. ‘The Black Morass’ is also a really annoying dungeon and the shoulders have a low drop rate.

      • Warrior4Life says:

        You jelly bro?

      • Daniel says:

        I got lucky and got both the legs and chest in a run of ‘Blood Furnace’ and ‘Ramparts’ today.

        I got lazy getting the helm because after 20 or so runs (was also looking for other items, including part of the ‘Judgement Recolour Set’) the helm has still not dropped from Ramparts.

        Farming black Morass now (the shoulders drop on both Normal and Heroic). There are 2 drops per Aeonus. So killing him twice gives 4 chances for the shoulders to drop, per reset. Which is a pretty good chance. We’ll see how unlucky I am to get the last piece of this awesome set.

        And to the idiot who calls himself ‘Warrior4Life’ (LOL) I doubt you have this set or half the xmog sets I have ;)

      • Noelani says:

        Alright, that’s enough with the aggression now. Any further inflammatory comments will be deleted.

  6. neil says:

    My tank is currently rocking this set. My highlights are

    Tabard of the Achiever
    Shield: Dawnforged Defender
    1H mace: Dragonstrike (woot Master Hammersmith)
    Back: Ritssyn’s Ruminous Drape

    Personally feel it looks awesome, especially on a tauren.

  7. Klayne says:

    Anyone know a good shield to go with this set?

  8. Nyrie says:

    If you are looking for a 2H Sword that looks great with this set try ‘Obsidian Edged Blade’ from Molten Core, drop rate is very poor but definitely worth a try.

  9. Pudge says:

    Can anyone suggest a two handed axe to go with this set? I’m a blood dk and as msuch my BiS is the Experimental Specimen Slicer. I’m struggling to find any nice axes at all, the model I’m using at the moment is the justice heirloom one.

    • Ironyca says:

      Massive Iron Axe is created by blacksmiths for an easy option.
      For a more extravagant axe, I think Legionfoe has the pastel colors that go well with the set.

      • Pongo says:

        I would suggest either the Draconic Avenger or Drake Talon Cleaver both from Black Wing Lair. The Legionfoe suits the “Blue Might” set very well w/ it’s blue/ yellow hues. However w/ this set, the blue contrasts and detribes from the core red theme. There are lots of red themed 2h axes in the game. Burning War Axe, The Gleaming Ravager, Saboteur’s Axe, Blood Spiller, Killmaim, Arced War Axe, Ogre Splitting Axe, Battle Slayer, Rage Reaver, to name a few non faction-specific ones.

  10. stelio says:

    wow getting the shoulders from black moras are a pain in the ass realy anyoing after 12 runes it finnaly droped=.=

  11. Bruno says:

    Well, it’s a nice set, it taked me about 2 hours a day to get it full, for 3 days :]

  12. Pongo says:

    The Untamed Blade (BWL) suits this red-might set PERFECTLY. It has a beautiful sleak metalic design with gold highlights and a deep red stripe goining down the blade.

    • Daniel says:

      Yeah except that soloing BWL is almost impossible even with an extremely high GS due to retarded game mechanics that almost force you to bring another player along…

      • Steerclear says:

        Retarded? That’s back when the game was FUN. Bosses now are stupidly simple to learn. Razorgore was a DAMN fun fight.

      • Daniel says:

        True but what do you do to the older parts of the game when no one wants to party up and do those instances anymore when you want one of the items to transmog? Or the joy of being able to solo the entire dungeon yourself?

        Those parts of WoW just rot. That’s what happens. Game mechanics that cause everyone to just ‘die’ the moment that a key NPC dies are just stupid. In my opinion those mechanics are completely retarded.

        It would be just as plausible to create a debuff from one of the bosses that causes 15,000% stacking shadow damage or whatever. To make it ‘hard’ even at much higher levels to solo the boss(es). Rather than just “Sorry your NPC died which means this = a wipe”

    • Pongo says:

      Much of the old classic raid content has been nerfed for solo play by higher levels. I solo this content frequently with multiple classes every week. Complaining about the mechanics of raid encounter, even while outdated content is very poor taste and moot. World of Warcraft is an Massive Multi-player Online game, which means it encourages group experiences. Surely, having enough social stading to have a friend come alone can not be that difficult.

  13. AJ says:

    These gloves called Gauntlets of Dissension also drop from heroic Botanica off of the last boss Warp Splinter. They look the same and are epic

  14. Anonymous says:

    Spinal Reaper, for anyone using this set as a Transmog dps set

  15. Anonymous says:

    Match this with Sun Eater and Dawnforged Defender, and have a pretty sweet look.

  16. Anonymous says:

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=27918#comments Also look like Red might, and aren’t BoE random drop.

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