Brewfest Steins


Brewfest Steins

Armor Type: One-handed weapon - Rare
Level Req.: 1
Source: Seasonal Quest Reward
Availability: Technically no longer available to players

Yellow Brewfest Stein
Blue Brewfest Stein
Green Brewfest Stein

Each of the Brewfest Steins has been a souvenir for the different years of Brewfest, Yellow for 2007, Blue for 2008 and Green for 2009, and award a Feat of Strength for obtaining them. They are technically no longer available but may well make a return in future, perhaps in a new colour!

~ by Noelani on October 22, 2010.

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  1. skullgamingmc says:

    Wonder what color for 2013 or 14

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