Stormwind Guard


Stormwind Guard

Armor Type: Plate (Transmogrifiable)
Level Req.: 63
Source: A variety of sources
Availability: Some pieces harder to obtain than others

How to get the set:
The tabard, formerly the most difficult to get, is now widely available as a vendor purchase. Additionally, a perfect replica of the shield has been made available since patch 4.0.3 and can be obtained from a quest.

It is not possible to perfectly copy the look of a Stormwind Guard, so there are several versions out there. This is just one example of how it can be done.

Head – Imperial Plate Helm (Crafted by most blacksmiths)
Shoulders – Imbued Plate Pauldrons (BoE world drop)
Chest – Imperial Plate Chest (Crafted by most blacksmiths)
Gloves – Talonguard Gloves (BoE world drop)
Waist – Studded Girdle of Virtue (BoP drop from Ghaz’an in normal-mode Underbog)
Legs – Imperial Plate Leggings (Crafted by most blacksmiths)
Feet – Imperial Plate Boots (Crafted by most blacksmiths)
Mainhand – Knightly Longsword (BoE world drop)
Off-hand – Maximillian’s Shield (Quest reward from The Ballad of Maximillian in Un’Goro Crater)
Tabard – Stormwind Tabard (Purchased from Captain Lancy Revshon in Stormwind)

Whilst not perfect matches in terms of colour, the following shields share a model with the one listed above:
Off-hand – Aegis of Stormwind (BoE world drop)
Off-hand – Shield of Darkshire (Quest reward)

This is how a Stormwind Guard looks in the game:


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51 Responses to “Stormwind Guard”

  1. DrumMJ says:

    La lame Quelserrar Brunie ( ) va superbement bien avec une tenue de garde!

  2. smbcomix says:

    Should probably update this, as now there’s a cosmetic Stormwind Set and a cosmetic Orgrimmar Set that actually match the guards for both cities — and in HD!

  3. Aenwyrm says:

    There’s an easier way to get this outfit now in Warlords, it’s a higher quality model of the outfit, comes with everything but the bracers, includes a shield. You get it through the Dwarven Bunker in your garrison. Having the building allows you to loot iron scraps from Iron Horde mobs. Dungeons have a higher quality. Certain pieces like the helm, shoulders, belt, require a token piece that drops in dungeons. Almost forgot to mention that there’s a new tabard also aquired through the bunker, it’s the actual guard tabard. Lion motif’s only on the front.

  4. Mintchov says:


    Sauriez vous où trouver le blason de Hurlevent?

    Cordialement, Blakstone

  5. Darknismon says:

    No the heavy mithril shoulder pads look alot closer to stormwind guards then those do trust me the mithril ones are made by blacksmithing.

  6. Sergejsvk says:

    I personaly prefer the set shoulders and belt, it gives a feel of an “elite” soldier.
    I use Rockwurm Handguards with a Stylish Blue Shirt and Knight’s Colors to finish off the look.

    A good alternate aliance themed belt is the Soulforge Belt

    How it looks alltogather with some extra aliace themed armor sets;24021:25942:27420:24457:24364:24458:28350:6384:15198:18876;30990:30982:30993:30997:30989:32245:30897:6384:15198:45233.-24364#modelviewer:4:8;24513;5;25749;1;24510;3;24509;7;24162;10;43684;6;24514;4;11518;19;31253;17;20080:1+0:0

  7. Tom says: Jouster’s Pauldrons are another option for shoulders.

    Also, if you really like cloaks, the SW cloak sold by the same vendor that sells the tabbard looks good.

  8. Crytex says:

    Je trouve que si on rajoute une chemise bleu en lin sa ran mieux, a vous de voir.

  9. prof says:

    Heavy mithril shoulders are the best for this set.

  10. WoWer says:

    Use the whole Imperial Plate set. Not these shoulders, nice but the others match better. Also at Darkmoon Faire
    they sell replica. The Field Marshall`s weapons are the best.

  11. Madcat124 says:

    I personally think that are the best gloves for the set.

  12. BoaZ says:

    All the imperial set items can now be made by a blacksmith. Belt included, still no gloves tho. Cost me about 1k for the mats. A nice alternative to buying the pieces for about 1k each.

  13. Wooze says:

    I found these gloves to be quiet nice, only a little bit of the arm is naked

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