Hallowed Raiment


Hallowed Raiment
Priest Dungeon Set 3

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP instance drops
Availability: Time consuming to obtain, requires many instance runs at level 70 or above

How to get the set:
The Hallowed set is Dungeon Set 2 for priests. Although wearable by any character of level 70 and above, the set bonuses are only applicable to priests. The Hallowed set pieces and the three off-set pieces that share the look, are available from heroic and high-end 5-person Burning Crusade instances. The staff is not part of the set, and was only added as inspiration due to it’s matching colorscheme.

HeadHallowed Crown (BoP drop from Harbinger Skyriss in normal and heroic Arcatraz)
ShouldersHallowed Pauldrons (BoP drop from Grand Master Vorpil in normal and heroic Shadow Labyrinth)
ChestHallowed Garments (BoP drop from Murmur in normal and heroic Shadow Labyrinth)
WristsBands of the Benevolent (BoP drop from Talon King Ikiss in heroic Sethekk Halls)
HandsHallowed Handwraps (BoP drop from Warchief Kargath Bladefist in normal and heroic Shattered Halls)
WaistCord of Sanctification (BoP drop from Epoch Hunter in heroic Old Hillsbrad Foothills)
LegsHallowed Trousers (BoP drop from Talon King Ikiss in normal and heroic Sethekk Halls)
FeetBoots of the Pious (BoP drop from Pathaleon the Calculator in heroic Mechanar)

StaffCrystalfire Staff (BoP drop from Omor the Unscarred in normal Hellfire Ramparts)

This staff shares look with Lord Valthalak’s Staff of Command which drops from Lord Valthalak (Blackrock Spire). If you’re venturing through Nagrand, you can also pick up Battle Mage’s Baton which also is a shared look. It is the last quest reward from the group quest “Ring of Blood” called The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge


Recolours (Priest only):


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12 Responses to “Hallowed Raiment”

  1. Aries ,Mouse says:

    The hands drop does not specify if it is in heroic or normal.

  2. apinksquash says:

    For a VERY similar look that uses only 2 BoP pieces (the shoulders and wrists), see this:

    (Is a link to Wowhead’s 3D model viewer)

    • apinksquash says:

      And actually, you probably don’t need the wrists. I should have just left that piece out, so really it’s only 1 BoP piece needed for this set.

  3. Vannel says:

    I have killed Harbinger Skyriss for the “head” 16 times now. Still no drop. All the other items I got in 3 runs max. Am I do anything wrong?

    • Noelani says:

      To the best of my knowledge, no, you’re doing it right. As Arcatraz is a level 70 dungeon, the head should drop on both normal and heroic modes. Quoting the most recent post on Wowhead though, “21 kills until this dropped for me”.

      Ouch. Good luck!

  4. Amethyst Shadow says:

    Another belt that looks good with this set

    Inferno Waist Cord from Kara trash

    Very subtle and match well

  5. yingying says:

    Here’s another one:
    The wrists drops in Sethekk Halls, not Shadow Lab.

    • Noelani says:

      Fixed. I’ve been over the whole article this time and couldn’t find anymore errors. Hopefully that’s the last one here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Head – drops from Harbinger Skyriss (normal/heroic Hellfire Ramparts) 14-16% drop chance.”

    Skyriss is in The Arcatraz :)

    • Noelani says:

      Sorted. Whichever one of us wrote this article was asleep at the time it seems! (I think it was probably me, but with Ironyca’s name selected)

  7. Nynnaeve says:

    The shoulders drop from Grandmaster Vorpil

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