Assassination Armor


The Assassination Armor
Rogue Dungeon Set 3

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP Instance Drops
Availability: Time consuming to obtain, requires many instance runs at level 70 or above

How to get the set:

The Assassination Armor is Dungeon Set 3 for rogues, although wearable by any character with leather or heavier armor types, available from heroic and high-end 5-person Burning Crusade instances.

In addition to the five pieces of the Assassination Set, there are three more items which match the appearance.

HeadHelm of Assassination (Drops from Harbinger Skyriss, in Heroic and Normal The Arcatraz)
ShouldersShoulderpads of Assassination (Drops from Talon King Ikiss, in both Normal and Heroic modes of Sethekk Halls)
ChestTunic of Assassination (Drops from Pathaleon the Calculator in normal and heroic modes of The Mechanar)
GlovesHandgrips of Assassination (Drops from Aeonus, in Normal and Heroic versions of The Black Morass)
LegsLeggings of Assassination (Drops from Normal and Heroic Murmur in Shadow Labyrinth)

WristsNightfall Wristguards (Drops from Heroic Epoch Hunter in Old Hillsbrad Foothills)
WaistGirdle of the Deathdealer (Drops from Heroic Aeonus in Black Morass)
FeetShadowstep Striders (Drops from Heroic Harbinger Skyriss in Arcatraz)



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14 Responses to “Assassination Armor”

  1. pitshiit says:

    netherbane fits very good with this set

  2. Thandus says:

    Boots of the Shifthing Sands is also good for boots :)

  3. Keilink says: this dagger is perfect with this set imo

  4. Galathia says:

    This set is perfect for a rogue, although the shoulders and helm(mask) don’t really look good at all. A better option would be Cloaked Shoulders and Sunroc Mask :D

    As for weapons, i think Stealthblade is the best choice if you’re a rogue :)

  5. conner says:

    Any good staffs/polearms for this set?

  6. endersblade says:

    I randomly found out that matches this set quite well lol. I was farming this set on my druid, but for a rogue friend of mine, and happened to have this belt equipped while looking at the full set he had in my dressing room. Thought the belt was pretty decent. He ended up getting the belt, because the real belt for this set just won’t drop for us >.>

  7. Aridawn says:

    The Opportunist’s Battlegear is a great alternative to this set. As long as you have the reputation and the gold to get it. And it looks awesome with the pre-legendary daggers from Dragon Soul!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Opportunist’s Battlegear is a pvp set recolor of this. More red if you like that kind of thing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t want to go and get:

    Feet – Shadowstep Striders (Drops from Heroic Harbinger Skyriss in Arcatraz. The drop chance is 26%)

    You can always go to The Botanica normal

    Boots of the Shifting Sands from Laj have the same graphic.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What about the feet?

    • Noelani says:

      My apologies, one of the downsides to working with undead models is that their extremities tend to drop off rather often. I’ve promptly reattached the missing appendages and updated the article accordingly.

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