Overlord’s Set


The Overlord’s Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 47
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Not easily farmable, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option

How to get the set:

Items of the Overlord’s set drop from random creatures between level 45 and level 53, most particularly rare elites. The problem remains though that rare elites can have respawn times of multiple hours, so ‘farming’ them isn’t too feasible. As with all BoE uncommon drop sets, the Auction House is the place to go.

We’ve updated this article to make it transmogrifiable, thanks to the commenters who supplied some of the ideas!

HeadOverlord’s Crown
ChestOverlord’s Chestplate
WristsOverlord’s Wambraces
GlovesOverlord’s Gauntlets
LegsOverlord’s Legplates
FeetOverlord’s Greaves


ShouldersSpaudlers of the Righteous (BoP drop from Laj in normal and heroic Botanica, at a 21% rate)
WaistGirdle of Many Blessings (BoP drop from Rokmar the Crackler in heroic Slave Pens, at a 16% rate)
Main-Hand MaceThe Blessed Hammer of Grace (Purchasable for 2725 Honor Points)
ShieldSavage Boar’s Guard (BoP drop from Ragglesnout in Razorfen Downs, at a 33% rate)

The following items can be seen on the female shown to the right:
BackHardened Scale Cloak (BoE crafted by Leatherworkers of 425+ skill)
Two-Handed MaceSkullcracking Mace (BoP contained within Gordok Tribute after completing a Tribute Run of Dire Maul North, at a 9% rate)

Note: There are a couple of extra items in the Overlord’s set that were omitted. This includes a headpiece amongst others. The most notable item is the Overlord’s Shield which looks exactly like the shield the guards of Stromgarde wear. You can see a list of all Overlord’s items here.

Overlord’s Set » Overlord’s Player Gallery

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46 Responses to “Overlord’s Set”

  1. Testostrone says:

    Is that the Stig? hahahahhahhaaa

  2. LynMars says:

    Like one of the older comments, I swapped the belt out with the Tenacious Defender from Hellfire Ramparts; matches the silver sheen perfectly. http://www.wowhead.com/item=24091

    For a weapon, since I’m a paladin and use it for my healing set, I use the Diamond-Core Sledgemace. Shield is Platinum Shield of the Valorous. If I go for a sword, Azuresong Mageblade.


    As an engineer, I transmog all my helms to goggles.

    Some of the above shoulder suggestions are great! I don’t mind the default Overlords Spaulders, but they don’t really match the silver sheen of the rest of the set.

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