The Bloodscale Set


The Bloodscale Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70 for the whole look, 60 for just the Bloodscale items
Source: BoE world drops and boss drops
Availability: Time consuming to complete

How to get the set:

Items of the Bloodscale set drop from random creatures between level 59 and level 71. It only drops in Outland, both in and out of instances. Since the set drops with such a low rate from so many sources, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option.

ChestBloodscale Breastplate
GlovesBloodscale Gauntlets
WaistBloodscale Belt
LegsBloodscale Legguards
FeetBloodscale Sabatons


ShouldersBlood-Stained Pauldrons (BoP from Rage Winterchill in Hyjal Summit)
MaceHammer of Judgement (BoP zone drop from within the Hyjal Summit raid instance)
ShieldCrest of Supremacy (BoP from Shade of Eranikus in Sunken Temple)

Recolours (Plate):

Recolours (Mail):

Note: There are a couple of extra items in the Bloodscale set that were left out in the interest of creating the best overall look. You can find them here.

The Bloodscale Set » Bloodscale Player Gallery

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27 Responses to “The Bloodscale Set”

  1. Milaina says:

    I use this as a 1h sword for my paladin. It’s also the same model as for Alliance and for Horde. :)

  2. Shyvana says:

    I love this set. I use it on my death knight, though I’ve changed a few things that I think make it look better for me. Since she’s a death knight, I use the invisible belt but, a suitable replacement would be . As for the shoulders and shoes, I use warrior tier looking alike from Dragon Soul. and . Happy hunting ^^

  3. Kodiakknight says:

    i have a full set of bloodscale gear, i farmed the hell out of it in zangarmarsh, where you get the quest for killing the bloodscale nagas for the repeatable quest that gives you rep with sporeggar any way i farmed for literally 3 days and got all my drops, i don’t like the shoulders though they are really ugly does any one know where i can find a better shoulder piece to match the bloodscale set ?

  4. Vagara says:

    got the blood stained shoulders today on my first run of Hyjal. lucky me

  5. Sabrossura says:

    i got a little variant on my little belf warrior

    shield: Shield of the Wayward Footman (
    1-hand sword: Avool`s Sword of Jin ( looks great without enchant, not sure if i’ll keep it once i max level and enchant…
    head: Helm of Infinite Visions (

    got the belt to drop in just 10 runs of blood furnace, lucky me!!!
    got the shoulders from hyjal on 2nd run
    no cloak for me, i just like my little elvish butt XD

  6. Stalke says:

    Ive found a good 2hander for this set, use it myself.

  7. wowitsrob says:

    I have been trying to find the belt for this set for weeks! Any tips/locations that I might try?

  8. Reignofteror says:

    try this look with the Acherus Knight’s Girdle…awesome!!! :D

  9. Lanceb says:

    Im using the Commander’s Armor( ), Commander’s Pauldrons( ) and Protecorate Headplate( ) for this set.

    And im using Fel Iron Hatchet( ) for my Frost DW and Fel Iron Greatsword( ) for tanking, want the Ashkandi( ) but havnt seen it drop yet sadly.

    Frost DW


  10. Koneko says:
    Drops from Magtheridon’s Lair, awesome pink shield for this set!

  11. Litonya says:

    I currently use with my set as I don’t like the set shoulders….think it works well.

  12. Pulzy says:


    I find to go perfect with this set mainly because of the matching colors. In addition the glow of the sword goes perfectly with the glow of the shoulders.

    I’ve been trying to get Ash’kandi for quite a while now but I have no luck :(

  13. Llantein says:

    Hey for those looking for a 2H weapon, the
    Makes for a very nice pink sword :] But it’s not very shinny ;_;

  14. TheDude says:

    Some other ideas for the Shoulders?

  15. Koneko says:

    Chromatic Boots are a good alternative for shoes in this set

  16. Kaiserin says:

    Anyone know of a less bulky version of gloves that would match? I despise the model gloves that go with this set. Would like the slimmer gloves if at all possible..

  17. Ermber says:

    Is there another plate piece of armor that has a similar look and color scheme? I can’t get the Legguards to drop at all, yet I have everything else ):

    • Kaiserin says:

      I’ve had two bloodscale pants to drop in Blood Furnace alone, and it *appears* to have the highest drop there.. I’m not sure where you’re farming, but if it doesn’t turn up on AH soon, might try to get it there instead. Firemane leggings are exact same model, only they’re mail as well – good for roleplay but not transmog. :/

  18. Fletcher says:

    These shoulders are excellent – I’ve been after a set which would match them for a while – but I’m not sure that this is it.

  19. Sophitia says: These boots look really good with this set. Drops from Chromaggus in Black Wing Lair.

  20. Gizzybiscuits says:

    This item is a quest reward and seems to use the breastplate model. Handy if the AH isn’t taking pity on you.

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