Durable Set


Durable Set

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 29 for the Durable set, 61 with the extras
Source: BoE world drops
Availability: Not easily farmable, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option

How to get the set:

Durable set items are random world drops from creatures levelled 28-35. According to Wowhead, rare elites in particular drop Durable pieces, but as the drop rate is only 4% at best from a rare spawn, the Auction House is the most reliable source.

ShouldersDurable Shoulders
ChestDurable Tunic
GlovesDurable Gloves
WristsDurable Bracers
LegsDurable Pants
FeetDurable Boots


BackWanderer’s Cloak (BoE random world drop)
WaistGossamer Belt (BoE random world drop)
DaggerAnzac Dagger (BoE random world drop)
Off-HandTome of the Dawn (Crafted by Scribes of 125+ skill)


Note: There are more pieces to the Durable set which were omitted from this post on the basis of what we consider looks best. If you wish to view them, you can do so here.

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