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~ by Noelani on January 8, 2010.

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  1. Jim says:

    Here is my Indiana Gnomes transmog.

    Head: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
    Shoulder: Double Stitched Woolen Shoulder
    Chest: Barbaric Linen Vest
    White Linen Shirt
    Hands: Shadow Council Gloves
    Legs: Elementalist Leggings
    Feet: Linen Boots
    Main Hand: Torch of Austen
    Off Hand: Grayson’s Torch

    And here is my Goblin Jedi.

    Head: Cowl of Benevolence
    Shoulder: Death Speaker Mantle
    Chest: Archmage Robe
    Hand: Heavy Linen Gloves
    Belt: Elementalist Belt
    Legs: Archmage Pants
    Feet: Woolen Boots
    Main Hand: Spellfire Longsword
    Off Hand Flametongue Seal (just because it is so small)

    Both of these are cloth

  2. Melissa Pool says:

    I was wondering if you could post an alternative to the masterwork legs, and various colours? I have seen them around while rping, they seem to be similar to the battleforge legguards.

  3. H.A.Kiani says:

    Dear Noelani

    First I would like to thank you again for all your efforts.

    Also I was wondering that is there a good substitute for the “Mennu’s scaled leggings”? considering that I have all the set for my rogue but this legging is not dropping for me, I did search for it did not find that gold and black color theme.

    If you could give me and advise it would be highly appreciated.

    I thank you again for your kind attention.

    Best regards

    • Noelani says:

      Sorry for the delayed reply. We’ve been having a lot of issues with the site lately which has left us way behind on articles and comments.

      Perhaps, hopefully, you’ve managed to find the Mennu’s Scaled Leggings by now, as I don’t have any particularly good alternatives I’m afraid. The greyish-black colour on the legs is very uncommon.

      The best I could find with a similar gold is the Valorous Bonescythe Legplates and Heroes’ Bonescythe Legplates. The first is blue-black, but with a lot of gold. The second has less gold, but the blackish colour is closer to the Mennu’s.

      • H.A.Kiani says:

        Dear Noelani

        Thanx for the reply, and no the mennu’s scaled leggings did not drop for me so I found an alternative for it which I thought to share it with and please let me know how you feel about it is “Contendr’s wyrmhide leggings”

        it does not have as delicate patterns as Mennu’s but it works perfectly.

        Thank you again for all your efforts.
        Best regards

  4. Thyrum says:

    Felicidades por esta gran guia de trasmo que os habeis creado, espero que sigua adelante y que pongais mas conjuntos, ya que a todo el que puedo se la recomiendo

    Atte. Thyrum


    Congratulations for this trasmo guide! I hope you´ll comtinue with it and put more sets, I recomended this web page to all my friends!

    See You. Thyrum

  5. Nallaah says:

    No questions but I did want to say what a wonderful guide you have here. My fiancé and I often dress in our overalls and hats to go fishing, formal wear to go “out”, playful wear to the Darkmoon Faire etc. Our server is most definitely NOT an RP server but hey, we’re having fun and not hurting anyone.

    Last little thing: I met my husband while playing WoW. We were on the same raid team. He was (is) our Holy Paladin and I am a Frost Death Knight. Sexiest. Vent. Voice. Ever.

    Thanks for the great website!


  6. H.A.Kiani says:

    Dear Noelani

    Hi, I hope that you are doing fine and well.

    I was wondering that if I use the season 7’s Relentless gladiator’s earth shaker/ thunder fist / war tide’s only shoulder and head how could I match that with a blue, Gold or white (which I have not seen yet) color chest, kilt and hand instead of that red for my shaman’s transmog?

    I tried to find one but none really matched.

    I thank you for your kind attention and looking forward to your advice.

    Best regards

  7. Hiro says:

    i’d like to know how to make a transmog set for a warlock that looks like an a tuxedo or something formal

  8. JellyJam says:

    I know requests have been made about sets around items, but it there a mog. for Warriors, that looks a bit like a Paladin set?

  9. Vynara says:

    Are there going to be any major addings in the RP Outfit section? Cause by now I have more the feeling that this website is about PvE and PvP sets rather than RP sets. :/

    • Noelani says:

      There’ll be more additions to the Character section in future. However, it could be some time yet. Ironyca is currently not working on the site and I’m mid-vacation at the moment. That combined with us having recently lost 3 or so months of our queued articles means that things are a little slow around here. Among the outfits we lost were a series on Dark Iron Dwarves and one on Twilight Cultists, so those are close to the top of the priority for re-creation and posting.

      I feel I should also quickly address the point you raised about the goal of this site. Since transmogrification was introduced, our intent has been to produce a broad range of content for transmog and roleplay alike. The name of the site was carried over from our initial incarnation, years before transmogrification was introduced, but with our wider focus I’d have to say that we’re certainly not, and aren’t aiming to be, purely roleplay gear orientated.

      That said, I’d argue that anything posted here is viable for roleplay as much as transmog, as the two are not mutually exclusive. Even before transmogrification was released, the core of the site was the, at the time, little known pre-60 BoE uncommon sets, so little has actually changed in our approach to article production. Our opinion is that the representation of RP sets is not solely defined by replication of an NPC or imitation of a particular faction’s style, but also presenting a wide array of options which people can choose to mix and match when forging their own looks and stories. We do enjoy making our Character articles, but they are only intended to be a part of the whole picture here.

      Anyway, I hope that sheds some light for you on why we’ve not had so many Character outfits out recently, and also somewhat clarifies our stance regarding the site as a whole. With some luck and a bit more free time on my hands, there will be more RP outfits on the way!

  10. Elynthia says:

    Can you make a set based around the Durotan’s Battle Harness?
    I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you,

    • Noelani says:

      Hi there. I’m afraid we don’t create complete custom sets on request, as we simply don’t have time for it alongside our other work. We might create a set based on Durotan’s Battle Harness in future (I think we attempted it once, but then scrapped it), but it’s not on our to-do list right now.

      The reason I was able to help H.A.Kiani with their request for a set below, was simply that we’d already done a substantial amount of work regarding the set they were requesting, but it’s very time consuming for us to start on a request from scratch. Sorry!

  11. H.A.Kiani says:

    Dear Noelani

    I would like to know that do you have any transmog based on “Icy guard breastplate” ? if so please let me know

    thank you for your kind attention

    best regards

    • Noelani says:

      We did actually create a set based around the Iceguard Breastplate a long time ago, three years or so, but we were dissatisfied with the end product, so we side-lined it. We’re unlikely to be working on it again in the near future, but I can at least give you a couple of links to help you when putting a set together.

      Firstly, the chest is a recolour of Paladin T1 Lawbringer, and if you hadn’t already seen them, there are also items for the head and leg slots which match it perfectly: Wowhead Comparison Link.

      Poking around those items on Wowhead, I found a setup based on the Iceguard Breastplate created by the user evilshadow785: Wowhead Comparison Link. Personally, I think it’s a really well done set, using bits of Paladin T11/Lookalike.

      There’s also a set compiled by user Palheal, who added a good sword and shield match: Wowhead Comparison Link.

      Beyond those few suggestions, the chestpiece is quite difficult to work with, due to the brightness and lack of other items in similar colour schemes. Some bits of the Northrend Gray Plate tone in reasonably, with the light blue and purplish colours, but it’s not perfect – the chestpiece is just too bright compared to the darker bits of the grey set! If you’re a paladin, T5 Crystalforge has quite a good match for the pink/purple hues in the Iceguard armor.

      That’s about the best I can do as a general overview for potential matches. As mentioned above, we scrapped our proposed article based on the chestpiece, so we were never quite satisfied with what we were able to compile ourselves. Hopefully you’ll be able to create something great from the above though!

  12. Sesshy says:

    I thought I would share with you my take on the Rogue Pirate transmog. To see it check out my FB I’m not 100% on all the items I used. I know the eyepatch is from hogger and I believe the pants may be aswell. The shoulders are from one my many attempts at trying to get the White Hawkstrider (still no white chocobo *sadface*). You would have to armory the toon to be sure. Shadowkiss of Muradin.

  13. Christiane says:

    I absolutely love this site! Thank you to the admins for going through all the work in order to make it easier for those of us who love this stuff to find new looks for our toons!

  14. Sesshy says:

    I come here often for ideas or suggestions for mogging my toons. I am currently stuck though with what appears to be the hardest mogg ever! I want to make a mogg set based around the Ironfeather Longbow for my BE hunter and I can’t seem to find anything that really fits. I found a few things that are close, but no cigar. I was wondering if you could do a set based around this bow? I have currently started it up as a topic on (my Alias FB) with a bikini wowmodelviewer image of my BE hunter with the bow.

    • Noelani says:

      I can see why you’ve been struggling, it’s definitely not the easiest weapon to match up with armor. My initial thought was that the Steadfast set would be a good match, but having put them together in model viewer, it’s just not quite right.

      After a bit of experimenting, I concluded that the Sundered Set is actually a reasonable match, incorporating similar tones. I quickly put together a picture on model viewer so you can see what you think: Khorrie – Sundered Set.

      That’s the best I can come up with right now, but I’ll have a further think about it.

      • Sesshy says:

        That’s actually not that bad! Now to only find some boots and shoulders…..

        Too bad mail wearers don’t get shit-kickers like plate wearers get. My fave boots of all time for my plate Belfs are Crustacean Stompers! If there were something even halfway close to that model for mail wearers I would love it! If not, then I prefer slim boots. Shoulders I’m not too picky as long as they aren’t bigger than the body lol.

      • Noelani says:

        My apologies, there are actually matching boots for the Sundered Set, but I left them out of the previous image as it was simply intended as a colour match test. I’ve redone the image including the matching bracers, belt and boots: Khorrie Sundered 2.

        With regards to shoulders, there are a few options that I’ve found:

        - Phalanx Spaulders – Similar colours, very small, simple model.
        Jazeraint Pauldrons – Similar to the above, colours are more toned down though.
        Azure Shoulderguards – Also very simple model, focuses on picking the deep blue/purple out from the set.
        Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes – Leatherworker only. Large model and partial colour match. Not totally sold on this one though.
        Cobalt’s Shoulderguards – Medium-sized model. Not the most attractive, but actually a decent colour match.
        Pauldrons of Midnight Whispers – Medium-sized, matches the Sundered colours perfectly. Has quite a lot of brown in it, which could tie in with the wood on the bow.

        For the sake of comparison, I’ve put the set together on Wowhead’s 3D Viewer, alongside the shoulder options above. You can switch the shoulders around to see what you prefer. The link is: here.

        Hopefully something there will work for you. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

      • Sesshy says:

        I really like this! I’m gonna see about starting to farm for all of this come Friday/Saturday when I get time back on my account. As for the shoulders, I tried out the different ones you suggested in my WMV and I think I like the Azure Shoulderguards the best. They seem to match everything as far as color ratio/simplicity goes. Even with the bow being all fancy-like, it doesn’t seem to outclass the set which is what I like. If I come across something in-game while farming that seems to strike me better I’ll post it here :)

      • Noelani says:

        I’m glad you found something to suit your taste. I think the Azure Shoulderguards would be my personal choice of the simpler models too.

        Sundered items are actually quite easy to obtain on my realm’s Auction House, so hopefully you’ll also be able to get your hands on them relatively painlessly. Best of luck with the outfit!

  15. Matt says:

    I had a comment/suggestion. I love the transmog sets on here, they have helped me many times over. I do find that I often have a transmog page open, and another tab open to wowhead’s compare feature so that I can ‘view in 3d’. I was hoping that it might be possible on the armor sets to have this wowhead compare link available with the mogs. I believe it’s a string that easy enough to spoof just using the item numbers from the database.

    • Noelani says:

      Hi Matt, thanks for the kind words!

      This is actually a feature we started implimenting in late 2012 for all new non-tier articles, as can be seen on, for example, Raincaller Robes. We’re slowly in the process of updating old articles to have the same, but it’s quite slow considering there are some 1400 to get through! I do consider this an important addition though, so I’ll keep at it until we’re finished.

      • Matt says:

        Thanks so much for the quick reply and update. I was hoping there would be a way to scan the item numbers from the database and have this set up as a script so that it would require manual entry. I’m not a super duper tech person, so I have no idea. I’ve never submitted an armor set, but maybe if there was a form that was like:


        Then the submitter could enter the item numbers there, to have it edit a string to go to the wowhead compare page with those inumbers already entered? I have no idea how all that would work, just would be nice if it didn’t have to be done manually!

      • Noelani says:

        It could be made to work in a different data entry system, but all of the WoWRoleplayGear articles are produced manually through a WordPress supported back end. There’s no entry form, per se, but rather a blog post format I wrote in html. As such, it’d be quite difficult to devise something which could extract and process the appropriate item codes from each post with this setup. There are plenty of things that I can manipulate globally via small scripts and plugins, but this isn’t one of them sadly.

        I’ve considered alternatives many times in the past, but I’d likely end up having to do a complete site overhaul. Sometimes it’s good to not have everything automated though, as I’ve often ended up substantially altering and improving entire old articles, when I initially set out to just add a 3D link to them!

  16. H.A.Kiani says:

    Dear Noelani

    I have a question regarding the Paladin Black and red set ” the replica warlord’s lamellar & the replica General’s lamellar”

    apparently much earlier in the game you needed to have an achievement of a legionnaire in PVP in order to unlock this material and buy them, I need to know that if it is still possible to get them?

    your help would be highly appreciated

    • Noelani says:

      Quoting the Official Patch 5.2 Patch Notes:

      “Characters that have attained requisite title levels (Centurion, Knight-Captain, Grand Marshal, High Warlord, etc.) through the Rated Battleground system will be able to purchase old PVP items requiring those titles.”

      Prior to 5.2, you needed to have the Feat of Strength achievements for at least Legionnaire/Knight-Captain, as you correctly pointed out. Now you can earn the right to buy them again, but it’s not necessarily easy!

      If you’re unable to get the set, you could try the Dark Iron/Inferno Tempered Plate as an alternative. It’s basically the same item models, but the black is more faded and grey than the PvP gear. There’s also a decent comment on Wowhead’s Warlord’s Aegis page, which talks about alternatives for this look.

  17. H.A.Kiani says:


    I would like to thank you for gathering all these information and sharing it with us, it is much appreciated.

    I also have a suggestion, The warlocks as you may know now have a quest for “Green fire”, I really would like to have a set that would match that green fire, I will send you my set which I think is nice but I would like to know other possibilities as well.

    Thanx a million for all your kind effort

    • Noelani says:

      Personally, I use a mixture of the Nemesis Raiment and the Crimson Acolyte’s Lookalike with Terokk’s Shadowstaff, for my own green fire destruction warlock.

      Several warlock sets actually work well within the colour scheme, such as Sanctified Dark Coven’s Regalia and S9 Vicious Gladiator’s Felshroud. Outside of warlock specific gear, I’d say that Hibernal Robe is among the better matching robe options.

      Those are just a few ideas for what direction you can go with a green fire set. It doesn’t have to be the full set of course, but a couple of pieces can make a great basis for a mix-up outfit. I’d argue that all five of the above could also work really well for affliction warlocks with the glyph of verdant spheres, as they don’t benefit from green fire in the way that demonology and destruction do, but can still make use of the same styling.

      • H.A.Kiani says:


        and thank you for the options, my own build is as follow and sorry if it is longer than expected:

        My own PVP transmog is:

        Head = Crown of the sun
        the rest is = Ruthless Gladiator’s Felshroud
        waist = Ruthless Gladiator’s cord of accuracy

        My PVE Transmog is:

        Robe = Arachnidian robes
        Head = watcher’s cap
        hand = arachnidian Gloves
        waist = arachnidian Gridle
        main hand = Pulse dagger
        Off hand = Book of Origination
        (the mentioned set I am still looking for a better shoulder but the colors match the top color of the robe)

        What recently I am looking into is that sick bronze / greenish looking set which is as follow:

        Robe = Gown of spiritual wonder
        Hand = Ruthless Gladiator’s felweave hand guard
        Shoulder = Mantle of the faceless shroud (also the sanctified dark coven shoulder pads would look good)
        Head = Sanctified dark Coven hood
        Staff = Terokk’s shadowstaff
        Waist = Ruthless Gladiator’s cord of accuracy

        There I think that I have shared it with you, I would be more than happy if you would check and let me know what you think also I am open to suggestions, and feel free to pitch in a substitute for any of the sets.

        Thank you for you kind attention

  18. Evilshadow says:

    this may sound nooby but i just found out the blacksmith in karazhan sells 3 pieces of a blue lawbringer set so i tried to find a whole set but it wasnt there. so i decided to make one myself please check it out its AWESOME

  19. Cassandra says:

    I love your site :D Great place to get ideas for transmogging! :D I have used it many times for my own ideas!

    I have recently started my own transmogging blog :D

    Check it out!

    Thanks for your great site!


  20. Evilshadow says:

    Found this set for my dwarf and made it on Mogit but also on Wowhead

  21. Sweedus says:

    Just wanted to post this up here, it’s a xmog that I put together and I think it’s nice enough looking. I get a lot of compliments so here it is.

  22. PriestToMeetYou says:

    Following some investigating I have been told you can buy at a legacy vendor in the Dalaran sewers seasons 9-11 PvP.

    • Noelani says:

      Yes, most of those sets are currently available from Blazik Fireclaw in Dalaran sewers. However, there are currently no Cataclysmic sets for Druids, Paladins and Shaman, and only 3/5 of the Priest S11 sets are available. This will be remedied in Patch 5.2, when a few new vendors will be added to the sewers.

  23. Zagoner says:

    Hello! Amazing website, T’is a nice place to look for character ideas based on their clothing. I was wondering, Is there a place I can suggest costume ideas for your website? :)

    • Noelani says:

      Hello and thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the site.

      When you say “costume ideas”, do you mean ideas for an outfit theme, or rather sets that you’ve already created yourself?

      Whilst we don’t produce any articles based on outfits submitted by others, the forum is probably the best place to go if you’d like to share some of your ideas with other site visitors. There are sections for discussing both transmogrification and roleplay outfits, and an image gallery where you can upload pictures of your own work.

      Hopefully that answers your question!

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