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~ by Noelani on January 8, 2010.

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  1. CJ says:

    Thank you so much for this website. It is wonderful that it is still available. I realize you had life changes and no longer update it but the vast amount of info that is available here is still the best around. Thanks again.

  2. PolsarianLegend says:

    I don’t see many Warlords of Draenor or ANY Legion sets on here yet. When will they be added?

  3. Kizlit says:

    Thank you for keeping this site up to date! I’ve been using it for years :)

  4. Vathal says:

    Hi, i love this site, he’s a reference to many of my transmogs, i i’ve done a transmog myself that i’m really proud off…so i’m sending this set to you guys as a “thank you” for all the stuff :)

    Darkmoon Leather Set:;9386:44217

  5. Candy says:

    Love this site, I come here every time I need inspiration to make a new transmog, very helpful :)

  6. H.a.kiani says:


    I was wondering if you have any sets regarding “Guntlets of martial perfection”?

    thank you for your kind attention.

    Best regards

  7. Aretha says:


    I used your website for a few years and I find it really well. It helps me to find role-play clothes and I find always what I want.

    Thanks !
    (Excuse my bad English, I’m french)

  8. Enderles says:

    This site is cool :D

    When I am able to submit I have a very neat leather set
    I came up with all by myself. I made it for my worgen rogue
    And it makes him look so awesome can’t wait to share
    It with everyone.


  9. sangdelamort says:

    when will u be bringing back the submissions? I have a paladin set i have worked on for over a two years and i get many ppl whispering me about it, and ur site doesn’t have it it OR when will the contest resume? I honestly dont care about prizes id just like for the uniqueness of my transmog to be acknowledged. I made it based off a true D&D paladin or “holy knight”

    email if u want :)

    • Noelani says:

      The WoW Factor competition was officially ended last year, and there is very little chance of it returning. As for submissions, it’s hard to say. Ideally we would like to bring them back in future, but if we do, it’s not likely to be for a long time. They simply added too much workload for us.

      If you’d like to share a set via WoWRoleplayGear, the best I can suggest is for you to do it in either the guest book comment section or on the forum. The former would probably grant you more exposure, but you’d have to self-host the photos and then add links to the comment.

  10. Darkvoltinx says:

    i was looking at some of the listed sets and i dont see the sets from Zul’aman and Zul’gurub.

    • Noelani says:

      The ZG and ZA sets were actually something we worked on a few years ago, but due to some data loss our plans to publish them were set back. They’re still on our to-do list though and will appear some day!

  11. Yura says:

    so i was checking out the sites on the right hand side tab and ‘the transmog blog’ took me to some weird site and was like a google search bar sites taht search specific key terms like wow transmog etc..not sure if thats intentional..but it was weird cause i thought it was going to be a full blog like this one.

    • Noelani says:

      I removed the link to The Transmog Blog from the sidebar. The search page that you were getting means that either their hosting expired or they deleted their blog outright.

  12. Ann says:

    Tell me please, could I offer my own set or not?

    • Noelani says:

      You’re welcome to share your own sets here in comments, or on our forum, but we don’t create full articles based on suggestions from others.

  13. Artego says:

    hello, im playing retribution paladin as my main and i really like wrathfull set. sadly this set using legs instead kilt/robe which i damn like on paladin characters, have you any good tips how to make wrathfull based outfit with legs/chest which makes robe? i tryed few but there are too big diferences. Thanks for an answer ;)

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