Mystical/Embroidered Set


Mystical/Embroidered Set

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 53/45
Source: BoE world drops/Vendor
Availability: Mystical is hard to obtain, Embroidered is easy

How to get the set:

Mystical items are BoE world drops, predominantly from rare spawns in old Azerothian zones. Due to the low drop rates, even from rares, the best option for finding these armor pieces is regular Auction House scanning.

The items belonging to the Embroidered set are sold be numerous vendors around Azeroth for between 1 gold 40 silver and 2 gold 80 a piece for a total price of 14 gold and 13 silver (give or take a few copper coins). A list of all the vendors who sell Embroidered items can be found on the “Sold by” tab here. Note that as the set is common quality, it cannot be transmogrified.


ShouldersMystical Mantle
ChestMystical Armor
WristMystical Bracers
HandsMystical Gloves
WaistMystical Belt
LegsMystical Pants
FeetMystical Boots


HeadEmbroidered Hat
ChestEmbroidered Armor
WristEmbroidered Bracers
HandsEmbroidered Gloves
WaistEmbroidered Belt
LegsEmbroidered Pants
FeetEmbroidered Boots


HeadElder’s Hat (BoE world drop)


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