Embersilk Set

Embersilk Set


Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 37
Source: BoE world drops
Availability: Not easily farmable, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option

How to get the set:

Embersilk items drop randomly for any creature of level 35 and 42, both inside and outside of instances. Auction House browsing is the recommend approach to piecing together this set, as there is no guarantee, or even remotely good chance, of farming for it successfully elsewhere.

ChestEmbersilk Tunic
WristEmbersilk Bracelets
HandsEmbersilk Mitts
WaistEmbersilk Cord
LegsEmbersilk Leggings
FeetEmbersilk Boots


ShouldersFlameseer Mantle (BoP drop from Galgann Firehammer in Uldaman)
StaffTranquility Staff (BoE world drop from Outland)


Note: A handful of items with the Embersilk name were not included on this guide, for aesthetic reasons. You can find them listed here.

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  1. Sybelion says:


    It’s a near perfect match for this. Looks pretty good along with the ebon filigreed doublet and Hellscream’s Reach tabard.

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