Mooncloth Robe


Mooncloth Robe

Armor Type: Cloth - Rare
Level Req.: 56 (80 for ‘Hard Extras’, 51 for ‘Easy Extras’
Source: BoE – Tailor crafted
Availability: Often available on the Auction House, but if not, there should be plenty of tailors around capable of crafting it

How to get the set:

The Mooncloth Robe is crafted by Tailors of 300 skill plus. The recipe is available on limited stock from the Shen’dralar Provisioner within the Dire Maul Library.

We have included two sets of extras below, to accompany the robe. The first set, depicted in the Night Elf picture, is mostly comprised of Icecrown heroic drops and is therefore quite challenging to complete.

The alternative set shown on the Blood Elf is mostly BoE world drops and is therefore easier to complete.

Extras (Night Elf):

ShouldersUnderworld Mantle (BoP drop from General Vezax in Ulduar 10)
HandsSan’layn Ritualist Gloves (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Blood Prince Council in Icecrown Citadel 25)
WaistLingering Illness (Heroic) (BoP from heroic-mode Festergut in Icecrown Citadel 25)
FeetSage’s Boots (BoE crafted by Tailors of 335+ skill)

One-Hand DaggerStormfury, Black Blade of the Betrayer (BoP drop from The Lich King in Icecrown Citadel 10)
Off-HandStar-Heart Lamp (BoP drop from Temporus in normal and heroic-mode Black Morass)

Easier Alternative Extras (Blood Elf):

ShouldersDouble-Stitched Woolen Shoulders (BoE crafted by Tailors of 110+ skill)
WristsSage’s Bracers (BoE world drop)
HandsSage’s Gloves (BoE world drop)
WaistSage’s Sash (BoE world drop)

StaffGuiding Stave of Wisdom (BoP drop from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in Blackrock Depths)


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30 Responses to “Mooncloth Robe”

  1. robert says:

    thanks for this guide folks my Belf mage looks brilliant in this outfit

  2. Lavena says:

    This is the set I have been using since HFC came out. finally gloves and belt that match really well.

  3. ReN_WaR says:

    Anyone know what the name of the weapon Moonilia is using? I been looking for the transmog on it for my DK. Thanks

  4. Allison says:

    Here’s the set I made using the robe as a base:

  5. Esclava says:

    i used because the only thing that shows is the bottom
    although i really need new gloves these seem to work for now and i’m considering getting the ones that are shown here

  6. Kithia says:

    I Actualy managed to create my very own set with this Robe.
    Shoulders: Valorous Mantle of Sanctification
    Hands: Gloves of the Incarnate
    Head: Heroes’ Circelt of Faith
    Boots: Mooncloth Boots
    Gridle: Mindfire Waistband
    Pants: Mooncloth Leggins
    Shirt: White Swasgbuckler’s Shirt
    and in addition since I am using a Staff: Frostscythe of Lord Ahune

  7. kalissi says:

    best shoulders i see are DEF the ones from the priest tier shoulder token drop from Ulduar. is what i have for the set so far with the halo helm from naxx. still trying to get the perfect belt. and get those damn shoulders :)

  8. Faélinas says:

    Hello there,

    I did a little outfit with the Mooncloth dress. It’s true it’s a real pain to find stuff matching with this gorgeous dress. My gloves/boots are not a perfect match, but they’ll do for now. Hope you enjoy :)

  9. Lindsey says:

    I used the Mooncloth Robe to make this set:* (Click on the tiny down arrow above the robe, and select “View in 3D” to see the full outfit equipped.) :)

  10. Kahdri says:

    It’s also an option to combine the robe with tier 5 hood + shoulders for priests like in this screenshot:

    I’d go with a different belt/bracers/gloves though, preferably something tying the gold and blue together.

  11. Kahdri says:

    These shoulders (Aurora Mantle) are a perfect color match and are very subtle so they don’t steal too much attention away from the robe itself:

    This is the best belt (A’dal’s Gift) I have found so far but I can’t re-obtain it as I already did the quest years ago:

    Still hunting for boots and gloves. Anyone else have good tips?

  12. Moonwillow says:

    Unfortunately there really isn’t one. The mooncloth shoulders dont’ match and they’re a horrid grey. The robe really looks like it’s designed to be worn sleeveless.

  13. ranluka says:

    black mageweave works well.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Need a cute pair of shoulders to go with these! Please link a recommendation ^_^

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